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Blog: Why You Shouldn’t Try This Alone

This blog is fun for me. I like to write and I’m interested in expanding scope of my business, so it’s a good fit. But it’s not for everyone. I made a lot of mistakes getting started. I got past a hump, a time when I didn’t have a strong identity for the site. I didn’t have a clue, but I slogged through it. It is a big time commitment and something that I believe you should think through before starting. More about this HERE > Should You Blog? Don’t Be Fooled, It’s a JOB.

IF Blogging is Right for You, READ ON
OK, cool, but here’s the thing: You will start out with no readers, and it will take time to gather an audience. Understand that going in. You can use that time to build discipline and to enhance the look and feel of your site.

Don’t Go It Alone
None of us are experts at everything. Chances are you have another job that puts groceries on the table for your family. You don’t have a ton of free time to devote to the blog. Therefore, it is important that you look into hiring others to design the site and implement it on your own domain. Otherwise, you will likely get frustrated and give up too soon, before you have even begun to attract any readers.

Not Too Pricey
That’s the good news, it’s more economical than ever to start a blog. There are many who offer good design and implementation services at reasonable rates. If you can’t afford these services at all, take your time, write posts in advance, save up some money before you start the blog. You might also look into offering someone a barter of services to design your blog site. If you are a writer, offer to write some copy for a designer’s site, in exchange for services for your blog. Look for friends, people in your field that you think you could help, and could help you. More about that in this post>> Self Employed Competing with Corporate: Why You Should Team UP

Above all, think creative, be creative, you will find a way.

Buy Your Domain

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This is cheap and easy to do. It is also important to establish your “brand” online. I use Godaddy to register domains. Check their website and search for your desired domain name. Once you find one that fits your business and is available (buy the .com first, then as many extensions as you can), make your purchase. This is an important first step, that many fail to do. Do this before anything else.
Why is this important? Read this post > How I Screwed Up Branding, How You Can Do Better

Decide on a Platform and Learn How to Use It
The two most common platforms are WordPress and Blogger. I tried both and found a larger variety of themes and an easier interface with WordPress, but you might decide otherwise. The point is to get something you are comfortable with and learn how to use it. There is a lot more to having a blog than just writing, so the sooner you get used to the platform, the more productive you will be.

The Social Freelancer ™ is a WordPress site.

As I have said in previous posts, I am no expert, just a freelancer trying to make my way in this world. I watch what others have done or not done, try to follow good examples and share what I have learned here. I look forward to your feedback, thanks for tuning in. -Trace

2 excellent sources of information for bloggers:



Should You Blog? Don’t Be fooled, It’s a JOB

Focus on What You CAN Do, Not What You CAN’T

Trace Ready "The Social Freelancer"

Trace Ready “The Social Freelancer”

Trace Ready is a Director of Photography, Writer, Producer and Vocalist based in Dallas, Texas. His band Trace Relations has released their debut studio CD “Prosperity Street”
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