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The Social Media Diet: Following Doctor’s Orders

I like my doctor.
Why? Well he’s a nice guy, plus he’s chubbier than me, so I don’t feel so guilty about my expanding middle aged girth! He’s a realist. He told me once that he wouldn’t tell me to not have a beer or 2, maybe 3? …once in a while. He said if he told me not to I might run into him at the concession stand at the Dallas Mavericks basketball game and see him walk away with a cold beer and some nachos. He’s no hypocrite.

What did the doctor say?

He also gave me this sage medical advice, which I think applies well to growing your social media influence:

It’s not what you do some of the time that matters, it’s what you do ALL the time.

I said “huh?”

He explained that he wouldn’t recommend drinking a bunch of beer and eating nachos every day. But, if I were to exercise, eat right and sleep well almost EVERY day, then it would be cool to enjoy the beer and nachos every once in a while.

What does that have to do with social media?

Simple really, just get into a new routine. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account (or any other social media outlets) start posting regularly. Having an account with few posts that you only look at occasionally will not have any positive impact, just as eating a salad once in a while when your diet is mostly donuts and pizza will not help you to lose weight or look good. My morning routine has included email for more than 15 years and now I incorporate posting and interacting with people on Facebook and Twitter along with email. It doesn’t mean that I post something every single day, but most days I do and sometimes many times a day, depending on my other schedules. I don’t spend a ton of time on it, but I do devote at least 30 minutes most days to social media, and it is having a positive impact on my business, simply because more people are aware of what I am up to on a daily basis.
It doesn’t have to be difficult. Try to make it fun, be consistent, but try not to annoy others with repetitive postings or blatant advertising.

How I Use Music to Drive Social Media
As one example, this video details how I listen and share music with others on my social networks while getting my “regular” work done:

YouTube Preview Image

Managing Social Media
In this video I talk with Psychologist and Business Strategist Tony Cecala about managing social media time to your full advantage:

YouTube Preview Image

My favorite Tools and Social Outlets URL Shortener
1 of my favorite tools for sharing posts across multiple social networks.

My Linkedin profile has automatic posting from the blog. Linkedin is a great way to network professionally. Joining groups of people with similar interests is key to building your network on Linkedin.

The Facebook page for this blog. Here I post links to the blog, but not ONLY links to the blog. I post a variety of other links and videos that I think my audience will like. If I posted ONLY links to my blog, it would bore people quickly.

Same idea here, I upload my own videos and post them on social outlets, but I ALSO click “like” on a lot of other videos and subscribe to other channels that have content I am interested in. Sharing these links on other social networks lets more and more people know what it is I am all about.

Twitter account for this blog – Yes, same idea! I post links to the blog posts but ALSO links to a lot of other content that I believe will interest my readers.

How I Use Music to Drive Social Media – Article


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  2. When it comes to social media promotion, its about engaging with others than throwing in a bunch of our own links. Thanks for the nice points.

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