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5 Reasons We’re Afraid of Networking – How To Avoid The Negativity Spiral

So much nervousness about what to post on social media! I see many people worried about what others may think if they post “the wrong thing.” Most of us have some insecurities when it comes to socializing, whether it be at an informal party, a networking event or in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc…). I think most of it stems from these five self-doubting thoughts:
READ ON – 5 Reasons We’re Afraid of Networking Plus 5 Helpful Posts >>>

The Negativity Spiral only goes DOWN

1. People might think I am stupid.
If you post something really STUPID like a picture of your boss’ wife drunk at the company picnic or a tired old internet hoax; yes, some people might think you are stupid. Answer: Don’t Do That! Simple. Some people in life and online think they are smarter than everybody anyway. Don’t let that stop you from posting or saying something that you have given thought to and has merit in your opinion. Read: How To Become a “Social Freelancer”

2. Nobody likes a self-promoter.
Not entirely true…I have found that people respond positively to self-promotion, if it’s done in a friendly, respectful way. What people don’t like is the guy who walks into the party acting like an ass, handing out his business cards to everyone immediately upon introduction. Nobody likes that guy. What they do like is someone who is interesting, informative or helpful in conversation. They don’t mind that person handing out a business card, after they get to know him a bit. So, don’t be THAT GUY, the blatant self-promoter. Be the person they will want to invite back next time they have a party. More about this idea in this video post > Keep the “Social” in Social Media

3. I might offend someone.
This IS true, but not likely if you behave yourself.

4. I will be misunderstood.
Maybe… but you can take steps to avoid it. Be clear on your sources of information if you are posting something even mildly controversial. Read back what you write in a post before hitting the “share” button. In social media, like email, it is common for things to be misunderstood, simply by how the words are written. Keep in mind that the written word contains none of the voice inflection or body language associated with speech, so it pays to think carefully about the wording and punctuation of your posts.

5. I am really boring, no one will like me.
You’re not really. Most people are interesting to a certain degree, if they just share what interests them. It is not imperitive that you be “original” to get along on Facebook, more important to be “interesting.” A vast majority of postings that get the most responses are re-posts of something else (Youtube videos, quotes, old family photographs. Read: Why “Reruns” Rule Social Media

Avoid the Storm

How to Avoid The Negativity Spiral
Notice a theme? These are all commments with negative connotations. You might be a victim of what I like to call the “negativity spiral.”
Why is it a spiral? Because once you “buy into” one negative idea, it becomes easier to believe them all. Conversely, once you realize the fallacy of one negative thought, it gets easier to dismiss all five.

5 Helpful Posts!

1. 7 Tips for Surviving and Thriving at Networking Events via Mashable

2. Find the Genius In You – Stop Believing in The Box – by Liz Strauss

3. 7 Creativity Roadblocks You Need To Be Aware Of by AR Karthick

4. How to Deal With Someone Who is Not Happy For You by Sean M. Adams via Wisdom Ala Carte

5. 10 Tips to Overcome Negative Thoughts by Michelle Uy via tiny buddha

Facts is Facts
All of the above negative thoughts are a risk every time you enter a conversation, every day. Honesty and integrity are the qualities that shine through over time. If you proceed with good intentions and a good heart, some people won’t get it but others WILL.

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3 Responses to “5 Reasons We’re Afraid of Networking – How To Avoid The Negativity Spiral”

  1. Renagade says:

    I have discovered those who constantly post the woe’s me post tend to lose followers – but also those who simply toss nothing by love and flowers ..
    The trick is to be YOU – be polite – be kind – remember behind every facebook acct or twitter name is a real person – dont be afraid …

  2. tasik says:

    I guess it’s true, and it has become a phobia and finally quiet then disappeared.

  3. […] More About Focus I wrote posts in the past year that relate to this New Year’s concept. I hope you will visit these and give some feedback. That would thrill me for the New Year… How To Avoid The Negativity Spiral […]

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