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Facebook is Your Newspaper, Twitter is Radio

November 21, 2014: “I first published this in 2011, just revisited this morning. I think the concepts still hold true. What do you think? I enjoy the comments, please place yours in the section provided below the article. Thanks!” – Trace

Facebook and Twitter are like cousins, one’s a city slicker, the other is more of a bumpkin. You may be surprised that I think Facebook is “old school” but here’s why:

Facebook is the Paper

"Like" it on Facebook

When I used to subscribe to the local newspaper, I would get it off the doorstep, read a few headlines, then toss it on the sofa in the living room. At random times during my day, I would take a section, read stories that grabbed my interest, then put it down again. Usually I would make a mental note of what I would read when I picked it up again. I am sure if I had glanced at the paper that same evening and all of the stories had changed, I would have been peeved about it.

That’s like Facebook!
Although Facebook should move a bit faster than once a day, like a paper, I don’t want everyone’s wall posts to change too fast! I might glance at a post when I log on to Facebook in the morning, and then take a longer look at it in the evening. So, people that post every hour on the hour or multiple times an hour annoy me, and I think annoy most “Facebookers”.

Whoa there! Slow down on Facebook.
What I have found is that people like to see something every couple of days on personal pages and 2 or 3 posts a day on business pages like this: The Social Freelancer ™ on Facebook.

Consistency is Key
Conversely, you don’t want to be too slack in posting either. Do it a little every day, or every other day. Post a few things (status updates, links to articles of interest) and then wait and see who comments. Comment back and keep conversations alive. None of this is difficult, but it does require a little time each day.

Twitter is Radio

Twitter is Radio

Twitter is Radio

What does that mean? When I turn on the radio in the car, I don’t want to hear the same song, the same ad, the same news story every time. I expect it to be changing, evolving, moving with fresh content. That’s analogous to a Twitter stream. Each time you glance at Twitter, you are spinning through a radio dial. When you go to someone’s profile, you’re tuning in their “station”.

Post often to Twitter, but keep it fresh, keep it moving. Nobody likes boring radio.

Why Do I Care?
Understanding how people actually use a medium, like print, radio, TV, Facebook, Twitter, etc, will allow you to tailor your message to the medium. Just like a static print ad doesn’t work for television, the same tactics don’t apply to all social networking sites.

Learn and Apply
I watch many individuals on line and see how they post on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media outlets. It provides the most valuable learning situation as I see how people operate in the real world, as opposed to reading a book about it.

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Trace Ready "The Social Freelancer"

Trace Ready “The Social Freelancer”

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