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A Crash A Day – It’s Not “Right” but it’s True

A Crash
You were seeing the beauty of the Swiss Alps up close and personal in a private helicopter. A rogue crosswind slammed the chopper into the side of the mountain with no warning. Miraculously you find yourself outside of the wreckage, the only survivor and basically unscathed, save a few bumps and bruises. This is the way we wake up each morning.

Rescue in the Alps - photo courtesy DataLife Engine

What To Do? >>>
Start Where You Are
For many of us, accepting where we are in life is tough. “It is what it is”, possibly the most overused expression in modern times, is popular because it fits. No matter where you are, what you are doing, what your past experiences have been, it all lead you to where you are today. If that’s not someplace you want to be, the only way out is to assess the situation, focus on what you have (experiences, skills, finances) and start using those things to lead you to a better place.

A Survivor
We’re all survivors of various maladies of life. Loss of family members, trouble with money, crime, drugs, accidents, if you’ve lived in this world for very long at all, chances are you’ve been through it. People that mope around and complain because the world has been mean to them are just “preaching to the choir.”

Tracy Ready and Kevin Lewis of Trace Relations. Photo by Jason Meyers

We recently published the song “Open Mind, Open Eye” from our band Trace Relations. This song was built around one line, which I got from our guitarist, a great friend and a wise man, Kevin Lewis. The line is “It’s not right but it’s true.”

It also relates to what we tell our kids when they say “It’s not fair!” We say “Nobody said life was fair.” It is what it is. It’s not right but it’s true.

When I thought about this it became applicable to so many things in my life, it inspired me to write the rest of the lyric.
Excerpt from Open Mind, Open Eye by Trace Relations:

It’s not right but it’s true
Incidents happen and fingers point at you
You can shake a fist, demand to see the score
or you can work it out
You can laugh at doubt

What do you think?
I invite comments and discussion at the bottom of this post, and would love to hear your thoughts.

Here’s our song, hope you’ll give it a spin…
Open Mind, Open Eye
Performed by Trace Relations

Written by: Tracy Ready and Kevin Lewis
Published by TraceTV Music LLC (BMI) All rights reserved.

What to do?
Assess what you have. You find the radio in the chopper and try desperately to get a signal out. You rip apart the seats to have a makeshift coat. You scavenge for whatever food you can find in the wreckage and then begin to make a plan for survival.

Same in life, you wake up each morning and have a choice to make. You can lay in bed and wish things were different, or you can get up, see where you are and make a plan to make it better.

I know this could be taken as an overly simplistic view of life, but to me that’s the point. If I can boil down a million thoughts into one simple one that I can actually understand, then I feel I have a chance at moving forward.

Thanks for listening. All the best, Trace

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6 Responses to “A Crash A Day – It’s Not “Right” but it’s True”

  1. Carol Meyer (Mom2) says:

    I love “Open Mind, Open Eye”……..Could you be singing about your ‘Mind’s Eye’ ? Great song ‘Son2′. and your site just keeps getting more & more interesting.
    Mucho Luv, Carol

  2. Mike Hunter says:

    This is a very powerful tune!! Of course, the groove helps a lot too.

  3. […] Indie Music: “Open Mind, Open Eye” a Trace Relations Original I am very thankful for the kind response we’ve had on the release of this song “Open Mind, Open Eye” a Trace Relations ™ original. The lyric was inspired by a single line from my friend, guitarist Kevin Lewis. I posted the story about the lyric HERE> A Crash A Day. […]

  4. Renagades says:

    the true judgment of man is not in the cards he was dealt, but how he uses them…

  5. Bryan says:

    Nice piece, Trace. Love the crash analogy, because it is what it is.
    Now, we put on our big girl panties and deal with it.

  6. Tracy Ready says:

    Thanks Bryan! cheersonya, Trace

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