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Timing Check! When Is Your Twitter Time? Facebook?

This week I am evaluating the most effective times to engage with others using social media. Time Management is my #1 challenge in LIFE. I have seen positive results from interaction on Twitter and Facebook (more traffic to my sites, more productive relationships with friends, family and clients). The only question is when to interact.

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Weekdays? Weekends? Late at night? Early morning? Mid-day?

(answer in comments section at bottom of this post)

If you follow me, I want to give you great content, delivered at times when you are most likely to see it. So what say you?

Each answer will enter you to win a profile post on this site. I will pick the most interesting of the responses and then write something (flattering) about you and why people should engage with you in social media.

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There are many polls and statistics out there about this subject, but I want to hear from YOU and compare my results with statistics published elsewhere.

Why is it important?
Why does an ad on a prime time TV show on a broadcast network cost more than one on local cable outlet at 2 am? Because there’s more eyeballs on the screen!
Likewise, people tend to engage more on social networks on certain days of the week, specific times of day.

Effective Use of Your Time
Obviously it would be best to engage at times when there are more “eyeballs on the screen” just like in television, if you want to get the most traction from your posts.

What Will I Do?
I will tailor my use of Tweet scheduling applications to post at times and days when my readers are most likely to engage. I always supplement scheduling with live tweets (never use scheduling only) but there are days when I am too busy with my business to do that. Lately I have become a fan of two free scheduling applications which I can recommend for you to try.

My 2 Favorite FREE Schedule Apps

Tweetdeck – Allows schedule of tweets and posts to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, and allows you to see all your account activity in one screen.

Buffer – Allows you to schedule tweets at specific times every day. The free version gives you 10 tweets a day, or you can pay for an upgrade which allows up to 50 tweets a day. This is a great service.

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Why I Use Twitter AND Facebook

Social Strategy: Facebook is Your Newspaper, Twitter is Radio

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3 Responses to “Timing Check! When Is Your Twitter Time? Facebook?”

  1. Tracy,

    I’m not very scientific about my social media timing right now. I know that I need to take this into consideration. I do note that the majority of my Twitter followers/friends are in or close to my time zone, so that helps me. I’m also trying out a service ( that purports to adjust tweet/status-update timing based on the feedback (# of clicks, retweets, likes, etc.) past updates have received. I don’t know that I’ve seen it making any adjustments so far.

    Most of my updates are whenever I can get to them: after work, on lunch break, in between household chores, etc. I know this is not ideal and I’m living with it since this is the time I currently have for it. As you know, juggling a full time job and relationship(s) and being a musician and social media/blogging is more than enough to fill each day.

    The good news is that I’m interacting with people — like you — from all over the world; people I would not have been likely to meet without the aid of electronic social media and the web. Whatever the time, I am enjoying these interactions.

    Playful blessings,
    Stan (aka @muz4now)

  2. Renagade says:

    Selecting times can be a challenge for me – with artists from all over the world , my eCommerce people, and those who may want a DJ for a wedding etc. Yes, I only use one twitter account for all :) but do have separate pages on facebook for Renagades Music and 2Wolves DJ.
    I have scheduled stuff to go out at all times, but find early morning and early evening are the times I am on as a live person – as people head to work or come home.
    Tweet deck and Tweet Buffer are both great tools for scheduling, but so are Hootsuite ( I use now), Twaitter, and Twuffer – all have free versions and are web based ( no downloads required)
    One thing is those who are scheduling tweets and posts to remember is A) Be SURE to actually go “live” often and B) be sure it is information people could use or find interesting. Also, do be afraid to dig up some of your older music – videos – blogposts etc – for as your friends and followers lists expands that ‘old’ stuff is new to them.
    Once again Tracy – great post that got me thinking!

  3. Marie says:

    I think about timing a lot, but my life at the moment is not very conducive to precision. I have noticed that fewer people are on Facebook during the weekends–Mondays really start hopping.

    I think there is a similar effect on Twitter. Definitely more traffic during work hours, and kind of a different vibe as evening progresses. Rather like a neighborhood bar.

    The one thing I have tried to integrate into my social media “strategy” (just as if I had one) is repeating important information several times over a couple of days and at all hours.

    People really do just dip their toes into the stream at various times and miss things if they’re not repeated. I probably go barely over the line into obnoxiousness but not enough to annoy people enough to unfriend me. And I only repeat what’s really, really important that I think will interest a good number of friends (shows or meetings mostly).

    Of course, that’s with the caveat that your social media interactions should NEVER be just about what fabulous things you are doing–always be interactive and natural online.

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