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Who Gives a Twit About Twitter? A LOT of Folks [Infographic]

Who gives a Twit to share a Tweet? What does it all mean? Well, it takes a bit of instruction (or self teaching as I did) to understand it but the numbers don’t lie, Twitter is a powerful news, information and marketing platform. Everyone who is ignoring it, think again, wrap your head around it, it’s here to stay.

Check out this Infographic…

The numbers don’t lie.

by visually via

Still not convinced? Watch ANY news program on television, from CNN to Fox to MSNBC – EVERY SINGLE ONE now will bombard you with invitations to connect with you on Facebook AND Twitter. Trust me, I have worked in television for more than twenty years, if it wasn’t impacting positively their relationship with viewers, thereby driving up the value of advertising, THEY WOULDN’T BE DOING IT.

SO, all I have to do is set up a Twitter account, ignore it and people will come flocking to me in droves wanting to buy my stuff?

Has that approach EVER worked with ANY form of Media? NO. If I sound blunt, its on purpose as I get tired of seeing people and corporations having this attitude.

If you bought only one or two radio or television or mailer ads for your business and that’s all, never any follow up or repetition, would you expect a huge number of new clients? NO.

It takes work, time to understand it, time to figure out what your real message is and how best to reach your intended audience. That hasn’t changed in a gazillion years and its the same with Facebook AND Twitter.

So, quit expecting immediate gratification and quit expecting to get huge results with minimal effort. It never worked with “old media” and it certainly doesn’t work with “new media”.

If you want to know more about it I highly recommend these sites to peruse REGULARLY. Again, getting just a little knowledge one time and then thinking you’ve got it all figured out doesn’t “cut it” in these economically difficult times where EVERYONE is struggling to be heard above the noise in social media.

My advice? Visit the sites in this post on a weekly basis (at a minimum!), do your homework and then jump on in. The water’s fine, but you have to know how to swim:

Top 5 Sites for Learning About and Coping With Social Media

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Why I Use Facebook AND Twitter. What About Google+?

Social Strategy: Facebook is Your Newspaper, Twitter is Radio

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26 Responses to “Who Gives a Twit About Twitter? A LOT of Folks [Infographic]”

  1. Lauren Ready says:

    I guess I should take the time to learn it but I’m not there yet.

  2. Renagade says:

    Twitter is for fast concise information….and does have a wide reach. Have discovered great people on there … such as you

  3. Carole says:

    I am trying to learn about Twitter. I just don’t understand how it works. How does someone’s Tweet help some stranger find gas in Atlanta? How does that stranger manage to see the Tweet with the info? Very confusing.

  4. Tracy Ready says:

    Carole, I understand your frustration, its very “different” at first, and there are many tricks and tools that you can use with Twitter. It’s helpful if you can have a friend who uses Twitter – ask them to sit down with you for 30 minutes and give you a tutorial. It’s actually quite easy once you get the hang of it. First things first though – set up a twitter account and fill out your profile info – make it fun and personal to YOU, not a sales pitch for a product or service. Start “following” people that interest you, and retweet things you enjoy. You can also google search “Twitter Help” and you can find lots of resources. I also highly recommend these sites for learning >

    Hope you find this helpful, thanks for commenting on this post, Trace

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  6. […] Who Gives a Twit about Twitter? A lot of Folks… Like This? If you do, would you please do one or more small favors for me? I’ll be your biggest fan… […]

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  8. David Helms says:

    I’m willing to jump on the “Twitter” wagon. As much as I have posted about my services and special offers on FB, I would have thought I’d see some response. Obviously my twitter account has been ignored for too long.

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