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What does your word cloud say about you? Freelancer Fun with Wordle

It was fun creating this image for our Facebook page using Wordle:

Word cloud for The Social Freelancer Blog via Wordle

What would yours say?

Why did I do that?

How did I do that?

Read ON, comments welcome at bottom of this page>>

I got carried away! Here’s one related to Trace Relations debut music CD release:

Trace Relations Debut CD "Prosperity Street" available now...

There! You just got an idea of what my world is all about in two visual frames. Do you know everything about me? Of course not, but I’ll bet you formed some sort of impression (hopefully good!) about my work, my passions and my personality. In the best case scenario, it caused you to be curious enough to investigate this blog further, or want to hear my music at

Why did I do this?

“Social Media is an “at a glance” medium.”
– Tracy Ready
…AKA The Social Freelancer ™

Think about how you process things when you reach a webpage via Google search or view your “news feed” on Facebook or your “stream” on Twitter.

We all make snap judgements, ALL THE TIME. We land on a web page and decide within the first 10 seconds whether we are going to stay and read further, or click somewhere else. As much as I would like to believe everyone is glued to every word I write here, the reality is probably 95% of the people who click to view this post will never read this. But I’ll bet they will all glance at these Wordle word cloud images, if only for a second or two. Images matter, period.

Have fun with this!
Creating these Wordle word clouds is easy, fast, fun and free. I did these in about 10 minutes and that’s only because I changed them a few times to put more emphasis on certain words. Try it, it’s addictive! >> << (FYI- This is not a paid endorsement, I have no affiliation whatsoever with, I just love this "toy") What does it say about you?

What's going on in his head?

The greatest benefit to me in using Wordle is that it made me think carefully about my work and my online personality. What do I want people to know most if I am only going to have their attention for 10 seconds or less? There are all types of learning and psychological applications to this concept as well. I know that I am now hooked! I will be making up Wordle word clouds for all types of situations in my life, if only to let me examine my thoughts and feelings in a different way.


Will they "like" it?

It would be fun to see what you, the reader, come up with using Wordle. Send them to me at – I will feature a selection of your submissions in a follow up post, showcasing the best, most creative word clouds (with link and credit to the creator of course). Please also comment below and let me know if you enjoyed this post. Your feedback is greatly appreciated as. always.
thanks, Trace

How did I do that?
1. Go Here > < It’s a self explanatory site, pretty simple, even an old TV hound like me caught on right away. Experiment with different words and phrases, any text will work. Hint: repeating words in the text box makes them larger, more prominent in the word cloud.
Also, Wordle includes a very cool function that allows you to enter the URL of any website, it then creates a word cloud using the most prominent words on the site, automatically!
2. View the Wordle in a separate window on your screen, then do a screen capture of it to save as an image file. There are lots of ways to do this, I use Jing, which works quite nicely for me.

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