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Stories Behind the Songs: 2 – “I Live the Life I Love” by Trace Relations

“I see you watching me like a hawk. I don’t mind about the things you talk. But if you touch me something’s got to give. I live the life I love and I love the life I live.” ~ Willie Dixon

Welcome! This is the second in the series “Stories Behind the Songs” about the tracks on Trace Relations’ debut CD “Prosperity Street”. Track 2 on the disc is Willie Dixon’s “I Live the Life I Love” a classic blues song that we updated on the record. Why? READ ON, Groove on…

Willie Dixon photo courtesy of The Willie Dixon Fan Club

Willie Dixon courtesy of The Willie Dixon Fan Club

Blues History: Who Was Willie Dixon? Read about his incredible contributions to American music here> Willie Dixon: Granddad to the Blues

Download the CD! > “Prosperity Street by Trace Relations on iTunes

Listen and Share “I Live the Life I Love” written by Willie Dixon, performed by Trace Relations and friends…


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Trace Relations - The Band

The song is performed by The Trace Relations Band with special guests “Hash Brown” Calway (harmonica), Shawn Sahm (closing guitar solo) and The Long Distance Choir: Katherine Dawn, Carolyn Brown-Meyer, Sharda Brody, Wade Jacoby and Shawn Sahm (backing vocals)
CD available now at Trace Relations Music, iTunes and CDBaby.


Note from Trace (Vocalist and Co-Producer):

Vocalist Tracy Ready ~ Photo by Stephan R. Lewis, all rights reserved

The CD Prosperity Street is all about showcasing musicians and songs that have had a profound impact on my life. Willie Dixon’s music was a huge influence on me growing up, though I first heard his songs (like many of my generation) through ’70’s rock bands, primarily Led Zeppelin and The Allman Brothers Band. When it came time to picking the songs for the CD (which is half originals and half selected covers) I just had to go with “I Live the Life I Love” Firstly because it’s a great song, a sentiment I appreciate, and one that goes to the overall theme of the record, being acceptance of where you are in life and a determination to have a good time, no matter what obstacles are thrown in your path.
Secondly, I chose this because I met my beautiful and loving wife Lauren at a blues jam session in Dallas, right after I had sit in with the band and belted out this number. It’s our song, and Lauren has definitely helped me to create a Life I Love.
Dallas’ blues history impresario “Hash Brown” Calway has been a great friend and mentor in music for me, and we were honored that he accepted the offer to play harmonica on this track. Also my life-long friend and incredible musician, Texas Tornados’ Shawn Sahm kindly played the closing blistering lead guitar solo.
Last but certainly not least, I wanted to have the effect of a crowd chant of the hook line in the song “I Live the Life I Love and Love the Life I Live” and I am so thrilled that some of my life long friends and vocalists stepped up to the plate and helped out. I call it the “Long Distance Choir” because these backing vocals were all done in different locations, out of sheer kindness of my friends: Carolyn Brown-Meyer, Katherine Dawn, Sharda Brody and Wade Jacoby. I can’t thank them enough.
Can you tell I am really proud of this track? Thanks for listening and helping us keep the groove alive… T

Find this interesting? Read the first post in this series, all about the title track > Stories Behind the Songs: Prosperity Street by Trace Relations

Trace Relations Debut CD "Prosperity Street" available now...

The CD took a long time to make (12 years from its original inception) because we wanted to do it RIGHT, not quick. I was determined to produce a high quality disc, professionally recorded with musicians that I respect and admire. We only had funds to do a little at a time, thus the song selection was a nurturing process.

In this life, you never know what’s going to happen in the very next instant, much less next year or in the next five years. Or as the great Texas blues player T-bone Walker once said “have fun while you can, fate’s an awful thing, You can never tell what might happen, that’s why I love to sing.” That’s the whole attitude of the disc, an acceptance of where we are in life, and a decision to have a good time anyway…

I decided if it was going to be a struggle just to get it made, and it could be the only one I ever make, that the songs should be a reflection of all of the music and musicians who have influenced and inspired me over the years. It is just that, all of my musical relations.

Looking back I realize that it became a much richer listening experience because of the struggle. The evolution of the initial song concepts over an extended period of time made it a much better record in the end game. Like a wine, it needed some time to mature.

I have been extremely gratified by the initial feedback and interest. It is the record I envisioned and more, thanks to the amazing players and engineers that helped me craft these recordings. I am forever in their debt. You can read all about the players and the project as a whole on the official band site –
I hope you enjoy… Thanks for listening. – Trace

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