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Is Social Media Killing the email REPLY?

Morning RANT: The email REPLY. What is going on? Why do many people not bother with a RESPONSE to an email (or a phone call?) This is not a new frustration for me, but it seems that fewer people are responding than ever before. Was it something I said? I don’t think so…

Take a moment to REPLY - it matters...


It’s a matter of courtesy. Being ignored is worse than a “no”.

How do you feel when you send an email to a client or a friend, and receive absolutely no response? I feel devalued or insignificant when this happens. It indicates emotionally that I don’t matter to them, at all.

Even if the answer to my request or comment is an emphatic “NO” or “You’re wrong” I appreciate the response. It lets me know that:

1.) my message was received
2.) the person I sent it to took a few seconds to consider what I had to say and respond. I matter, at least a little bit, to them.

Think of being a teenager and applying to colleges, or sending out resumes, or being a writer and submitting works for publication consideration. We all hate the dreaded REJECTION LETTER. It sucks, but what’s worse is NO RESPONSE. And as we grow older we remember those things. I am less likely to do business in the future with someone who failed to respond at all.

Key to longterm business success:
Return every email, every phone call. Even if it’s to say NO.

I’m not perfect but I TRY.

Is anyone listening?

If I said I ALWAYS respond to every email and phone call you could definitely call me a liar. I’m guilty of letting some fall through the cracks especially in the busiest times of my work year. But I try.

I will respond with a simple “Thank you for your inquiry. This is not a service we provide right now, but you might try _________.” I make a recommendation if I can. At the very least they will remember my name as someone who did RESPOND. Believe me, over the long term, this can make a real difference.

It’s my theory that the phenomenon of NO REPLY to emails and phone calls is getting worse in the Facebook Age. But I could be wrong. Maybe I just smell bad? What do you think? Please comment at the bottom of this blog page. Do you agree? Does it drive you insane?

Looking for a job? Pay attention to this.
Over 17 years of freelance video production I have had many college students call or send emails requesting an internship or employment with our business Trace Productions.

I don’t have those opportunities to offer, so what do I say?
I RESPOND (usually) with some brief words of encouragement, or a suggestion of who they might contact in their specific quest for employment. I usually say, to the brightest ones, “feel free to call me and follow up, or ask any questions you might have about the business. I can’t offer you a job, but I am willing to help you find your way.”

Guess how many have responded to that offer? Two. Guess who I called when I DID have some work for an entry level person? Those two.

The Social Freelancer

What does Social Media have to do with this?
People not responding to emails and phone calls is nothing new. Some people just don’t “get it”. A negative effect of social media is that people get the idea that they have acknowledged someone by clicking the “like” button on Facebook or retweeting a comment on Twitter (my theory here, no polls or research!). YES that’s great, but it’s not a RESPONSE. If that same person has sent an email out with a specific request or question and got NO RESPONSE, it doesn’t matter how many times you click the “like” on Facebook, it still feels like they’re not worthy of your time or attention, not even a little bit.

What do you think? Please comment at the bottom of this blog page. Do you agree? Does it drive you insane?

BIG Exception: Direct Messages on Twitter. I don’t read those. Here’s why.
If you’re new to Twitter, you may be obsessively checking the “Direct Messages” folder. My advice? Don’t waste your time. It is full of automated responses (advertising) that are sent out when you “follow” people on Twitter. I look at them occasionally, but it’s mostly garbage. I also know that people that honestly want to have a discussion with me will follow links to my websites where my email address and office phone numbers are readily available. If you are interested enough in what I do, you’ll visit my sites, and give me a call. That will tell me that I matter to YOU.

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3 Responses to “Is Social Media Killing the email REPLY?”

  1. Meredith Allison says:

    Hi Trace, great point and I believe your theory is 100% correct! Why? Because I am guilty of this. I’m certainly not proud to admit that but I’m glad I stumbled upon your post to make me realize just how ashamed I should be at myself (and now something I will certainly work on to remedy!) I always say to myself “I have a young child, I can’t be expected to answer everyone on social media AND email”. Wow is that backwards thinking! Thx for the wake up call, I needed to see this!

  2. Randy Combs says:

    Excellent thoughts Tracy.

    Here’s a couple other things to ponder. I suspect another reason people have moved away from email responses is texting. Often, I’ve found contact through that channel gets a response.

    Also, don’t overlook the e-mail content and subject line. Because I deal with 100’s of emails daily (and RSS feeds), I scan subject lines and if you don’t get my attention, well, I move on. If we have a relationship, you will get a response.

    Another e-mail thought. Often, spam filters catch stuff…even with people who I’ve conversed with. If I don’t get a reponse, I follow up again, often through a different avenue.

    So, in the end, I don’t think it’s just a social media thing. On the upside, there are now numerous avenues to communicate.

    p.s. Don’t even get me started on voice mail.

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