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Best of the Week in Social Media Vol. 6

Greetings friends, there are five great new posts from some of my favorite bloggers here, that I believe you will find helpful in the Social Media sphere. I had to take a bit of hiatus as “The Social Freelancer” while we focused on our music last week in Trace Relations “South Texas Soul” tour, but now I am back and catching up. Next week there’ll be a new original post; for now I hope you enjoy these selections.

It’s fun finding “the good stuff” online. With each post in this series, I am showcasing five articles from bloggers that I find to be insightful and uplifting in social media.

Do you have a blog you’d like to suggest for a future “showcase” post? Please let me know about it in the comments section below. Thanks for visiting The Social Freelancer ™

Please click on the red title of each selection to read the full post. I hope you will give these bloggers your support by sharing the posts on your social networks.

Ann Tran - Blogging with Kindness

Ann Tran - Blogging with Kindness

AnnTranClan Brings Social Media to Life! by Ann Tran
Ann’s blog is one that I enjoy reading each week as it is honest, straight forward and insightful. It is consistently well written, easy to understand and Ann is kind and generous in her approach to social media. She’s a positive thinker as shown in this post, helpful insight for daily living.

READ ON – 4 more great new posts, Best of the Week in Social Media…

Ask Aaron Lee

In the short term, QUANTITY BEATS QUALITY in social media by Aaron Lee
Aaron’s posts are well researched and intelligently written, giving the reader honest insight and thought provoking content. This week is no different, great post! Aaron gives good solid insight for Twitter users. You might also enjoy a post I wrote recently, here> Why You Should Schedule Tweets AND Engage. Yes It Matters.


PodJam.TV Blog

8 Ways To Start Your Day Right by Marty McPadden and Misty Belardo for PodJamTV
These two have a wonderful blog, PodJamTV providing insight into social media with a personal touch. Marty and I have similar backgrounds in broadcast television. We’ve never met, but I admire his work.
This post highlights helpful mobile applications for travelers. Clear, well written content always rules at PodjamTV


A.R. Karthick ~ Awesomeness!

3 Surefire Ways to Lift Your Customer Lifetime Value by A.R. Karthick
One of my greatest “finds” of last year was this “Awesomeness” blog. Each week, Mr. Karthick’s posts are well researched and intelligently written, giving the reader honest insight and thought provoking content. This week is no different, great post by guest Nischala


Social Media Examiner

4 Ways to Discover More About Your Audience With Social Media via Social Media Examiner
Powerhouse site for learning and coping with Social Media. I often tell people that if you could only visit one site in a quest for social media knowledge, this would have to be it. Informative, insightful, easy to read and responsive to the audience, you can’t go wrong here.

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