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Why I Don’t Go Political with Social Media

Suffering from Facebook frustration due to a barrage of political negativity in my news feed, I posted this comment:
“No – I don’t do religion or politics on Facebook, my choice. So sue me. If you do like to post that stuff, that’s cool too, I don’t mind – but when it gets to be too much in my estimation, chances are I will be paying less attention to what you say on either side of the aisle. That’s my story, I’m stickin’ withit.”

Enough already!

This garnered more than 20 “likes”, many comments and some new subscribers to The Social Freelancer on Facebook.

I am not telling anyone what to do, or not do on Facebook, so chill out! I’m providing insight on how I (and many others) view Facebook, Twitter and other forms of Social Media. Emphasis on SOCIAL networking, where people are FRIENDLY, even if they disagree, like a little party we get invited to every day. More about that in this video post> Keep the “Social” in Social Media.

Notice the headline here is “Why I Don’t Go Political with Social Media” NOT “Why You Shouldn’t Post Political Tirades on Social Media”. Do what you want, it’s a free (well, maybe not so free…) country.

I enjoy respectful political discourse from time to time. People that post reasoned viewpoints on political topics OCCASIONALLY don’t annoy me at all. It is those who choose to give a non-stop stream of posts (3 or more a day) all directed against a politician, or a political party (either side!) that make me want to TUNE OUT. Based on the majority of comments I received to this status update, I am not alone.

Here are some of my responses to comments made on the Facebook status:

Facebook: The Social Freelancer (tm)

Facebook: The Social Freelancer ™

“You’re my friend and nothing changes that, but you make a great broken record, and many people are turned off. The end result is less people listen to what you have to say, because it’s tiring… I SAY the same thing to friends of the opposing political persuasion.”

Facebook is a social party, and just like cocktail party, the guy who accosts everyone at the door by telling them they are idiots and are wrong about everything usually gets invited to fewer and fewer parties…

The point from a freelancer (self employed) is this:

The Social Freelancer ™

Yes, I have political and religious views and opinions, but I am in the business of television and music production. I am self-employed and have been for over 17 years now. If I went into a spiel about my beliefs with every client, or decided I was only going to work with or play music with people who totally agreed with all of my beliefs, I would have been out of business a LONG TIME Ago…

“If you are in business for yourself, stay away from political tirades on Facebook or Twitter, because you are not doing your business any favors.”

“YES, you can disagree with me, I don’t mind a bit.”

All I want to know is “When do we shoot?”, “Where is the gig?” “Are we going to get a meal break?”, or most important “When do we get PAID?” lol… I don’t care if you are a pseudo-conservative-liberal-peacenik-fascist-bible-thumpin-skinhead-hippie-whatever, long as we can work together and you can answer THOSE questions!

My friend, musician and photographer Stephan R. Lewis had this to say:
“It is in fact possible to like someone, disagree with them, respect their perspective and hate the way they try to force their opinon upon you. Strange, complicated world for some of us… It would be much easier to know everything and be sure that what is known is right for everyone else!. Opinions are not facts. Opinions are formulated by interpeting facts based upon your own perspective.”

“There is a reason (logic) why I have separate pages on Facebook and Twitter for The Social Freelancer and for Trace Relations – Texas Groove Music. It’s because I know that many of my friends do not want to hear about those things all the time – that’s their choice and I respect it. If they do, they click “like” on those pages and get those stories more frequently in their feed. It also helps to spread those messages to people I don’t know personally, and reach a wider audience.”

When I click “like” on a post on a friends page, it is not a blanket endorsement of everything they believe in. I do so when I agree with or at least respect the opinion presented in that individual post.

“How I use Facebook is MY CHOICE. How you use it is YOUR CHOICE.
I don’t care to engage in political discourse in social media, but for the record I am an independent voter – thinker – business owner. It’s my opinion based on MY life experiences that BOTH major parties have failed the citizens of this country in many ways in the course of my lifetime.”

America the Beautiful

It is also my opinion that starting from a position of “all liberals are stupid all the time” or “all conservatives are stupid all the time” is part of the problem with discourse in this country.

“There are exceptions! I have family members and friends that are pastors and elected political officials. I expect that their posts will be religiously and politically based, as this is what they DO, it is who they ARE. But even then, if the dialogue becomes like a broken record, or continually negative, it can turn a lot of people off, defeating the purpose of social media.”



Vocalist / Director Tracy Ready, Photo by Stephan R. Lewis, all rights reserved

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10 Responses to “Why I Don’t Go Political with Social Media”

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us, Tracy! I followed you over here from Mark Shaefer’s Tweet of this article.

    I’d love to see the original Facebook post you’re referring to in this article. From the comments you’ve shared here,it appears your fans/friends weren’t pleased with your thoughts?

    I’ve seen enormous fallout in the business world for anyone who shares conservative viewpoints or support for conservative candidates in this election season. I’m sure there are businesses who will say they get the same fallout for espousing liberal views (JC Penney, for one), but from where I sit, people who espouse conservative views are the targets of character assassination, as they are accused of being stupid, greedy, bigoted, hateful, and dishonest — just to name a few.

    For example, when the CEO of Chick-Fil-A announced (not surprisingly) that he believes in a Biblical definition of marriage, he instantly became the point of focus for the extremes of anger and division we’re all witnessing in this election season. When Susan B Komen announced they were withdrawing funding of Planned Parenthood, THEY were the point of focus. And anyone, whether individual or business owner, who supported these organizations publicly risked the same fallout.

    We live in a time where social media assassins will target your business and try to take it down if you share different political views from them. I think anyone who owns a business needs to tread very, very carefully right now, and measure the risks of sharing their political views publicly, whichever side of the aisle they’re on.

    On the other hand, I applaud the courage of business owners who are willing to take the risk and stick their necks out, knowing they’ll lose customers and referrers (and they will). I greatly admire their courage.

  2. Sonya says:

    They say “truth” is the first casualty of war. I think “respect” for anyone with a different opinion might be a casualty of social media. Refreshing post, Tracy. I completely AGREE!!

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