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Dallas Sound Legend Skip Frazee to Be Honored at TAF/TP Holiday Party

Dallas based freelance Audio Engineer Skip Frazee will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Texas Association of Film and Tape Professionals (TAF/TP) Holiday Party, Friday, November 30th. Frazee is known for his outstanding work for more than 35 years in countless films, documentaries, episodic TV shows and commercial productions. His professionalism on set as well as his

Audio Maestro Skip Frazee

charming wit and camaraderie with cast and crew alike have made Frazee a favorite for producers and directors from all over the world.
Visit Skip Frazee’ Site ->

It is shaping up to be a great evening, celebrating Skip Frazee’s career and the rebirth of the TAF/TP, a non profit organization that has weathered a terrible blow, an embezzlement of funds, which is being criminally investigated, that threatened this important organization with extinction.

Where’s the Party? What does Skip have to say? What happened with this organization? What is the future of TAF/TP? – READ ON

Questions and comments about the organization, send to info@taftp.orgVisit Comments about Skip Frazee, the party or this blog post, please use comments section below. Thank you.

The night will be topped off with live music from Trace Relations Trio, fronted by Vocalist and Director of Photography Tracy Ready, and a DJ Set of music provided by DJ Dotster, daughter of Sound Engineer Michael Haines.

Party Details FIRST!


TAF/TP Holiday Party Friday November 30

Friday, November 30th: 7pm – 12pm

Elk’s Lodge 8550 Lullwater Dr Dallas Texas 75238

Catered Buffet
3 Cash Bars
Music by DJ Dotster, Trace Relations Trio
Honoring Dallas Audio Engineering Legend Skip Frazee with a Lifetime Achievement Award
All proceeds go to rebuilding the TAF/TP website

Always gracious, when I contacted Skip to talk about the award, he had this to say:

“I am flattered and honored by this recognition from my peers.”

“I was surprised when Michael Haines first approached me about a nomination. I was more surprised when he informed that I was chosen to receive the award. I feel like it’s an opportunity to represent the work of sound mixers everywhere. George Lucas always said, “sound is half of the movie going experience.”

“I came to Dallas in 1965, so a great deal of my career has happened here. The film and video community in Dallas is populated by some of the best artisans in the business. I’m very fortunate to be a part of that community. The opportunities to learn, and practice my craft have been great.” ~ Skip Frazee

Truth! The Texas Association of Film and Tape Professionals, a non profit organization founded in 1976, is ALIVE. Sadly, there have been some HUGE rocks in the road for the organization in recent years, a situation which is now being rectified by some caring and kind individuals in the production community that have dedicated themselves to “righting the ship.”

Note from Texas Association of Film and Tape Professionals:
TAF/TP has undergone some significant changes and challenges in the last year. We are basically starting from scratch to build a new on line directory but we need your support and help. Your membership will be good for one year from the date the new site goes live.

Please choose one of the 4 membership options to re-join the organization that has been serving you and the film community since 1976.

Thank you for your support and understanding while we rebuild the organization that keeps you working. For further information, please email:
We are a totally VOLUNTEER organization at this point. Please email only your questions and concerns.
Lynne Moon

The on line directory is a convenient cross-referenced, fact filled guide of production crews, equipment suppliers and creative services available in the state. It is assessable worldwide to thousands of production decision-makers. Your annual membership allows you to be listed in as many categories and regions as you see fit.

TAF/TP will graciously accept a donation of any size, HERE >> TAF/TP OFFICIAL SITE
All funds will be used to get us back up and running. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your support.

Some background… Why I am proud to be a member of TAF/TP for the past 17 years:
In 1996, I had “gone freelance” from my news photographer job at CNN, and was making my foray into production as a freelancer in Dallas – Fort Worth. The first thing most of my colleagues in the business told me was “You’ve got to get in THE BOOK.” What book? The Texas Association of Film and Tape Professionals (TAF/TP) published a yearly production directory of freelancers in television, film and related industries, and it was the bible for producers seeking crews in Texas. The Internet was still a novelty (I got my first AOL account!) and the production directory filled a real need. Over the years, I networked with other members, was referred by other members, and returned the favors when I could. Being in the book raised your level of credibility here. Sadly when the transition was made to online website offering and then there was mismanagement of funds unknown to board members who volunteered their time, the organization has taken a huge fall. Now, Lynne Moon and other volunteers are rebuilding the site to once again be a valuable resource to the industry.

Interview with Lynne Moon, Volunteer and past President of Texas Association of Film and Tape Professionals:
How long as the organization been in existence?
TAF/TP was founded in 1976 and printed its first TAF/TP Directory in 1977.
The cover was designed by Michael Okowita.
Founding members: Michael Taylor( Public Relations), Neal Roach(1st President), Doug Freeman(Vice-President), Jim Etheridge(Legal Chair), Ron Ferguson(Treasurer),
Sher Williams (Directory Chair).
A printed book was published yearly from 1977 to 2010. In 2011, TAF/TP went green and only produced a web based directory that was PDF down loadable.
The TAF/TP convention booth, touted all the Film Commissions throughout the state.

How has the organization changed through the years?
When the internet became the wave of the future, TAF/TP still published a book that cost $80,000.00 a year. The website, was built and rebuilt at least 3 times. The Directory was slimmed down in 2007 and no longer included crew and vendor resumes. This paired down version was printed until 2010. The last web master and directory producer was paid over $108,000.00. On top of this, TAF/TP went to x SW in 2006, as well as all the Texas Round Ups. Board members traveled to the Rio Grande Valley,
El Paso, Houston and Corpus Christi, attending Film Festivals, sitting on panels and spreading the news about TXMPA in order to gain attendance for Lobby Day to support Film Legislation..

Describe events of last 2 years, the official word on what happened with the website and the money.
There is an ongoing investigation into misuse of funds. As a result the website went down in August of 2012. Only 37 people had paid their dues at this point. Those people will be given a longer membership time on the next website.
TAF/TP has always delivered a directory, had a working website and paid all bill’s until the misuse was discovered. This is the first time in its history that there has been no way to crew from the membership unless you hung on to past directories.
Lynne Moon fields calls and emails on a daily basis, giving out contact information. This is done on a volunteer basis and will continue until the new site is up in January of 2013.

Why is it important to continue the work of TAFTP?
TAF/TP was and will be again, the Production Bible of the State. The organization’s accomplishments in the past 5 years include:
1. Sitting on the TXMPA Board and providing $26,000.00 in contributions to that organization to help pass film incentives in the state.
2. Writing legislation so that DOT, Texas Tourism and Texas Lottery Spots, are produced and crewed by Texas Crews.
3. TAF/TP gives non –union crew a venue to be hired from.
4. Co –sponsor TEX FEST with the USAA Film Festival, giving grass roots film makers a free venue to premier their features, shorts and animation.
5. During the second legislative session, TAF/TP organized and delivered over 5 million dollars of equipment and crew to the capital on Lobby Day. Our Film incentives passed with more votes than had ever been given a new bill in the past.
6. Our email list and e-news is sent out statewide keeping the state linked during the legislative process and posting notices, jobs, and industry information.
7. Most years, TAF/TP sponsors and hosts and produces an All Industry Holiday Party. Please go to www.taftp to get your tickets!
We are honoring Skip Frazee this year! Come a celebrate with us.

What benefits does the organization provide for membership?
TAF/TP has always been a source of networking. It is an equal opportunity organization for union and non-union crew. The organization also represents film vendors like gear houses, talent agencies, sound stages, audio and post houses.
TAF/TP is instrumental in connecting crew, film commissions and vendors state wide through Face Book, Linkedin, and the TAF/TP e-news.
Currently, all work being done on the new site and all administrative duties are being done on a volunteer basis until enough money is in the coffers to hire and pay for a web master and an office administrator.

Vocalist / Director Tracy Ready, Photo by Stephan R. Lewis, all rights reserved

About the Documentary: South Texas Soul Documentary Features Legendary Texas Musician Augie Meyers

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About the Trace Relations CD: Indie Music, Texas Groove: Trace Relations Release “Prosperity Street”

Trace Relations – Prosperity Street: This CD debut from the band Trace Relations is a unique listening experience encompassing Rock, Blues, Jazz and Americana styles.

Tracy Ready and Kevin Lewis. Photo by Jason Meyers

It’s twelve tracks of Texas groove guaranteed to improve your mood. Twelve years in the making, ‘PROSPERITY STREET’ is the culmination of two divergent lifestyles where songwriter meets filmmaker, merging on the highway between Dallas and San Antonio, Texas. It features a dynamic Dallas based rhythm section and guitar prowess from San Antonio’s Kevin Lewis, plus guest appearances from Augie Meyers and Shawn Sahm of Texas Tornados, Katherine Dawn, The West Side Horns and more. Visit Trace Relations ™ official site for more information.


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