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REAL “Social” Media: My dinner with Mark Schaefer and Friends

“It’s all about the moments.” is a phrase I like to use frequently. It reminds me to settle in to the moment, appreciate good times when they happen, and stop worrying about the things that didn’t work out as I had planned (that list is endless!).
A couple of weeks ago, I had a moment to remember, the result of seemingly random actions online and in real life.

I don’t really “know” Mark Schaefer, but I have been a reader and fan of his excellent work at for a few years now. He has also kindly shared some of my posts from this blog on Twitter. For Christmas, my wife gave me a copy of Mark’s book on influence marketing “ROI – Return on Influence” which I read and enjoyed immensely.

(L-R) Tracy Ready, Mark Schaefer

(L-R) Tracy Ready, Mark Schaefer

Social media is all about sharing things that you find interesting with others, and giving support to people whose work you appreciate, so I did that a few times. I posted links to Mark’s book and commented on the content. I did this because I liked the book, not because I wanted to meet the author, but that’s what happened.
A tune for this post! Listen in, turn it up> “I Live the Life I Love”

Mark happened to be coming to Dallas to speak at SMU Cox School of Business, and messaged asking if I would like to meet up for a beer when he came to town. I said “great!” Then, the idea blossomed into a dinner with Mark and a few other people he wanted to see while in Dallas. I was thrilled to be included and had a good time, talking and dining at Kosta’s Greek Restaurant (an old favorite of mine).

Author Mark Schaefer goofing on The Social Freelancer

Author Mark Schaefer goofing on The Social Freelancer

People like Mark are keeping the “social” in social media.
I thought about the evening and realized that it’s not much different than something I have done for years in my travels in television production; When I have the opportunity to be in other cities, I think about who I have met or worked with in years past who lives in the city I am visiting, and I try to arrange a meeting. These have been memorable moments in my life, seizing opportunities to reconnect with people I enjoy being around.

“For me, the best part of my social media is meeting up with friends from around the country every chance I get. There is nothing quite like finally getting to meet a friend in person. I try to do it everywhere I go. I’ve even met up with friends in Sweden and Estonia!” – Mark Schaefer. Author of “The Tao of Twitter” and “Return on Influence (ROI)”

What’s different now? Twitter.
I am meeting many new people whose interests and skills intersect nicely with mine from all over the world through Twitter. There are opportunities to translate these relationships into real life, as exemplified by Mark’s kind invitation to dinner. Of course many people are doing “tweetups” now where they invite anyone in their Twitter stream to meet at a designated location or event. The dinner night was more personal, with only a few select people invited, and it worked like a charm.

Who’s coming to dinner?
It was a fun, relaxed gathering, a group of people with common interests, coming together to socialize over a good meal. No sales pitches, no hidden agendas, just good conversation. It was refreshing. I walked away feeling like I had truly made a few new “friends” or at least acquaintances, who were interesting, engaging people. I didn’t know any of them before this evening, but I am grateful to know them now, thanks to Mark’s simple invitation.

You should know them too. Around the table…

Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer
Twitter: @markwschaefer
Chieftain of the social web’s most unique blog, {grow}. Consultant, college professor, author of Return On Influence and Tao of Twitter. Social Media Bouncer.
Tennessee and New York SEE:

Teresa Martin

Teresa Martin

Teresa Martin
Twitter: @FlipCatLLC
Professional Services Marketer, Creative Coach, Speaker, Positive Thinker who travels in running shoes. Conservative pol; sports fan; RedSoxNation.
Dallas, TX. SEE:

“Last year, on behalf of my business, I attended Social Slam – one of the best conferences because of the high value of the information shared. In that spirit, I invited Social Slam’s Chief Visionary, Mark W. Schaefer to speak to SMU Cox School of Business MBAs.
The night before his presentation, Mark invited Dallas-area contacts to meet for dinner – which brought together several old and new Twitter contacts for a meeting in “real life”. I found it fascinating to consider that Twitter connected me to people who told me of Social Slam, where I met Mark; bringing him to SMU bridged my consulting business with my work for the SMU MBA program; that invite resulted in meeting new people with whom I’m now connected on LinkedIn…and Twitter. The Tao of Twitter, indeed!”
– Teresa Martin, Flip Cat Consulting

Kent Huffman

Kent Huffman

Kent Huffman
Twitter: @KentHuffman
CMO at @BearCom, author of @8Mandates, co-publisher of @SMMmagazine, creator of #MarketerMonday, #marketing and customer experience advocate
Dallas, TX. SEE

“Over the past five years, I’ve made a number of friends in real life who I originally ‘met’ on social media. The get-together with Mark, Jessica, Diane, Teresa, and Tracy was no exception. Hats off to Mark for setting it up!” – Kent Huffman, author of “8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success”

Jessica Rogers

Jessica Rogers

Jessica Rogers
Twitter: @DrJRogers
Marketing Instructor @SNHU & Texas A&M-C, Consultant, Rock’n Roll Wife/Mommy, blog contributor. Lover of social media, Pi-Yo, hot wings & my pups & Pixie
Dallas, TX SEE:

“This was a great meeting of the minds…I knew Mark and Kent via Twitter and this meet up really solidifies our Twitter friendships. I met some new friends as well in Tracy Teresa and Diane, and have been following them on Twitter and LinkedIn now. I really love being in the company of others as passionate about social media marketing as I am.” – Jessica Rogers, Marketing Instructor, Consultant

Diane Darling

Diane Darling

Diane Darling
Twitter: @DianeDarling
Teacher of football @WaterCoolerFB, author, professor, speaker, LinkedIn expert teaching both online & offline communication skills. Past president at ASTD.
Boston, MA SEE:

“I love seredipity. There’s something magically about random moments – especially when I meet other curious people. I was lucky to share a meal in Dallas with a collection of social media savants. And the hybrid networking goes on ….” ~ Diane Darling, author of “The Networking Survival Guide”

What’s the point?
I am taking a clue from this experience. Now when I travel I won’t just look up people I have known in my “real life”, I’ll look up those that I have met and enjoyed conversing with online. Connecting in the “real world” leads to greater influence, which as a small business owner and blogger, I am interested in. It all leads right back to Mark’s book “Return on Influence”, which opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities for my own business and in my “real life”. Mark Schaefer didn’t just write the book, he’s spreading the concept in the real world.

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