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What’s this? New Site for Trace Productions: Will you “kick the tires”?

As a self-employed, sole proprietor business owner, your website is your BRAND, your public face to the world.
Designing a site, or updating (in my case) is an important undertaking and one that I have found to be daunting. I kept looking at the primary site for my production business, Trace Productions, feeling embarrassed that much of the content had not been updated in 10 years or more. In that time, I have added new skills and services (media consultation, social media management) to my client offerings.

Stoked about the new site!

Stoked about the new site!

What do you think of this? New Site! Click here: media. marketing. images with imagination.

Self examination: a good thing.
Wanting to grow the business and rid myself of this embarrassment, I forced myself to take a hard look at what my business website was saying about me to the world. What I saw was mired in the past, in terms of technology, television and who I am as a person.

We got it done, check this out…
After writing new content for all the pages, I worked with Clay Meyers of cdmgrafx, who did an amazing job redesigning the look and feel of the site. Once again, Clay made it look better than I had imagined. Thanks Clay!

We are proud of the new site but everything is a “work in progress” and I value your input.

Please click here: media. marketing. images with imagination.
or on the picture below to visit the new site. I want to know what you think! Post your comments and criticisms at the bottom of this blog. Thanks! ~ Trace

Trace Productions  media. marketing.  Images with Imagination.

Trace Productions
media. marketing.
Images with Imagination.

Kick the tires!
Check out the videos, click the links, contact us through the online form. It’s all been tested, but would sure like to know if there are any problems viewing these pages.

What about the content? Am I being honest?
It’s hard to write about yourself. I want to strike a tone of professionalism, but with a friendly attitude with this site. Did I succeed?

Thanks for tuning in, Trace


Tracy Ready is a Writer, Producer, Director of Photography, Vocalist and Media Consultant based in Dallas, Texas USA – contact

Tracy Ready, Writer, Producer, Director of Photography, Vocalist: The Social Freelancer - Photo by: Steve Lewis

Trace Productions – Broadcast, Corporate and Documentary Television Production
Texas B-roll and City B-roll – HD Stock Footage of Texas, plus more U.S.A. states and Puerto Rico

Vocalist with: Trace Relations – the Band

The Social Freelancer ™ Facebook Page
Trace Relations ™ The BAND on Facebook

tracetvfilm on Youtube

@TraceTV – primary account for Tracy Ready: Media, Music, TV, Film, Travel, Humor
@FreelanceSocial – The Social Freelancer (TM): Social Media News, information and insight
@TraceRelations – the Band on Twitter

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