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Reaching Out: Why Good Content is not Enough

A thought this morning: “Content is King” is a myth.
From my earliest foray into social media and blogging, I have heard the “Content is king” line and believed it. It makes sense that if you don’t have anything interesting or informative to say, few will pay attention. Now I see that having great content is important, but it’s just one of the keys to the puzzle. I wish that merely posting inspired writing, photographs, quotes and other popular content were the keys to attracting millions of eyeballs to this blog, but alas, this is not so.

Is your "stuff" being seen?

Is your “stuff” being seen?

Great content is nothing without REACH.

Example: What if you created a TV commercial that was innovative, inspiring and had the potential to instantly send millions of people to the store to buy your product? What if the commercial only aired once, at 3 am on an obscure cable television channel? Think you would see a spike in sales?

Example: What if you had a vibrant, eye-popping billboard and you put that up on a dirt road outside of Pigs Knuckle, Arkansas? (I don’t know if thats a real town or not… just illustrating a point!)

So Yes, Good Content is GOOD. But getting it SEEN is just as important.
Why? Because what you are really looking for is INFLUENCE.
Huh? You may be thinking, “No, I just want to sell products.” That’s the deal, you don’t sell anything without influence. The exciting ad graphics or compelling copy (content) can influence people to buy, but it has to reach enough people to make a difference.

Why do companies pay millions for celebrity endorsements? INFLUENCE
Celebrities of all types (actors, musicians, performers, authors) have influence. People like to “like” something a celebrity endorses, it makes them feel closer to that person they admire. The companies have a product or service that may be great, but the marketing departments realize that having a great product by itself isn’t enough. The celebrities are hired because they have influence. The big ad campaigns are about buying REACH (airtime, print ad space) and INFLUENCE (the celebrity endorsement).

Why do celebrities hire writers?
Often, a big name celebrity is in the opposite position. They have achieved fame (Reach) for some past accomplishment, but they don’t necessarily have great content (compelling speeches, branded products). So, they hire people who can make them look and sound great, they don’t have to worry as much about the reach.

Mark Schaefer goofing on The Social Freelancer

Mark Schaefer goofing on The Social Freelancer

Credit for inspiring my thinking on “influence marketing”:
Mark Schaefer. Author of “The Tao of Twitter” and “Return on Influence (ROI)

What does it all mean for us, the lowly itinerant blogger or self-employed individual?

It means that just like everything else in life, it takes work.

1. Develop great content
2. Expand your reach
3. Build influence: Related post -> REAL “Social” Media

What am I doing to increase my “Reach”?
I am concentrating on being more consistent with my blog posts, following lists of influencers on Twitter, and interacting more with others across multiple platforms: Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Youtube and Twitter.

What about YOU?
I love hearing from readers about their experience with the topics presented here. So what are YOU doing to expand your “reach”?
Please post your comment below. Thank YOU. – Trace

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Trace Ready "The Social Freelancer"

Trace Ready “The Social Freelancer”

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19 Responses to “Reaching Out: Why Good Content is not Enough”

  1. Thanks for a great post – i look forward to sharing this with my partners as we are at the onset of a content marketing campaign. I believe ‘good’ content is key and should trump quantity every time. We’re learning….

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  4. You’re so right about reach and influence. It’s like if you build a beautiful house in the middle of the woods, but there’s no road. You need a road or no one will come visit. Thanks for this!

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