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Why What’s OLD is NEW in Social Media

Often, people tell me they are not active on Facebook or Twitter because they feel like they don’t have anything to say.

The fact is they’re getting too hung up on being totally original. If you stop and think about it, no one is truly original or “earth shattering” very often.

What’s Old is New with Social Media

Something that you thought of many times before may seem old to you but it’s new to anyone on your Facebook page or your Twitter stream. You can think of it like traditional media; radio, television, print, billboards and the like. All of those mediums use repetition in advertising in a variety of ways. The trick is to have plenty of entertaining content (news, music, commentary, talk shows, movies, game shows etc…) to make the viewer want to tune in or read the advertising.

Think of why channels like TV Land and American Movie Classics are so popular. Why do you like re-runs of shows like Seinfeld, Cheers, Friends or (eek!) Beverly Hillbillies? Because they are entertaining and they are FAMILIAR.

So, it’s OK to repeat posts, and to stick in posts that “sell” something you’re working on but keep it subtle. Don’t repeat the same thing over and over again in a short time span. Mix it up with plenty of good quality content sticking with these three points: Be INTERESTING, HELPFUL and INFORMATIVE. I’ve expounded on this idea in this video blog post >
Social Networking for Freelancers.

One of the reasons why I put quotes on Facebook and Twitter is because they are interesting and familiar to a lot of people. Whether they have heard the quote before and “like” it, or they read it for the first time and “like” it, it’s a win for you. If it’s something that provoked a thought or emotion in the reader, they tend to remember whoever posted it as an interesting person, someone they’d like to keep in touch with. The whole point of social media for business is to interact with a lot of people so that, over time, those people have some idea of who you are and you do. And the best part about it is – you don’t have to have anything “new” to say, just pick a quote you like and post it to your status update. Make sure you give credit to the person who said it first (my pet peeve, people not attributing quotes).
Good quote sources – Brainy Quote and The Quotations Page


Facebook was built on pictures. That’s why they call it Facebook! Everybody has digital photographs on the hard drive or a box of old stills in the closet. Scan them in, put them on Facebook and most importantly “tag” people in the photographs. Using the “tag” function in Facebook gets your pictures to show up on the “wall” of everyone in them, and therefor seen by lots of people. Again, the photos may be old but to your Facebook friends, it’s all NEW.


YouTube and Vimeo work in the same way. There are tons of videos being uploaded every second of the day. Most of it is not new material!  It could be a family video from many years ago that gets shared, or a corporate video or TV ad that is being redistributed online. Post videos to Youtube or Vimeo, and then “share” a link to these on Facebook – OLD material, NEW audience ~ poof! You are an interesting person on Facebook.

Here’s one of my video contributions on this subject posted to YoutubeKeep the “Social” in Social MediaYouTube Preview Image

Example: What’s OLD is NEW – this post! The three images and video included here are not new, I have used them before. They are OLD and may seem familiar to you (that’s a good thing!) but the text here is NEW.

I am learning as I go, and sharing a lot of what I learn on this blog. I highly value your comments and feedback, please post them below. Thanks, Trace

Trace Ready "The Social Freelancer"

Trace Ready “The Social Freelancer”

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