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  1. Tracy Ready says:

    Thanks for asking! The South Texas Soul documentary is a work in progress and a labor of love for the MUSIC. You can help by sharing the youtube trailer, or this post to Facebook and other places, or by purchase of our CD Trace Relations “Prosperity Street” or make a donation to the cause at We are also offering corporate sponsorship for the film.
    I hope to be able to finish it this year, but its all on a shoestring… I appreciate your interest and support. Trace

  2. Tracy Ready says:

    Thanks! I am getting called a dirty rat by all kinds of cool people… cheers, Trace

  3. Tracy Ready says:

    Thanks for reading the post! Share it? I’m getting called a dirty rat by all kinds of cool people like yourself… cheers, Trace

  4. I agree wholeheartedly. It’s amazing how people don’t get this part of social media – that’s part of any friendship – reciprocation.

  5. [...] What to do? Keep Going. This happens all the time. Work on this blog, my music, photography and documentary filmmaking takes a back seat to fulfilling client requests. What I have observed, however, is that the “reach” of these projects is growing, slower than I would like, but growing. Plus I get great satisfaction when I do get to sing in live performance, or record another track, publish another blog post, create a new video that is something I created. I have noticed that it only matters to anyone if you keep doing it. After all, if you give up on your art, why should anyone else care? Related Reading: You are what you DO, Not what you SAY [...]

  6. Alexa says:

    On the one hand, I say if you have to ask… don’t. But on the other, I know that CDs/songs/shows don’t sell themselves. I shy away from any kind of implication that charity or obligation is involved, however. “Keep jazz alive,” for instance, has always bugged me, since it implies jazz is barely breathing and on life-support. Same with “support” anything. So it’s a fine line. You have to tell people what you want them to do, but do it in a way that’s either imperceptible, funny, or downright irresistible. Great post, though!

  7. Oh I can so relate to this post! Thanks Trace!

  8. Joel says:

    I think this is true about the type of things you write/shoot/paint as well. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the needs of the moment and focus on paying jobs. Indeed, you have to! But it’s also good to realize that, if you want to paint the deeper things in life, you have to go ahead and do it, even if it doesn’t make you money right now.

  9. [...] 2. Avoid personal attacks. Follow the age old advice “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” This is sometimes hard to do in life, and on the Internet, but it is vital to your social networking efforts. Having conversations online about things that you are passionate about is great for building your reputation, but watch your words! If you take issue with something someone has posted, respond with fact and supportable opinion, do not attack the person who posted it. Likewise, as soon as someone launches a personal attack against you, restate your qualified opinion on the subject, then let it go – disengage from the conversation. I have seen many instances of people getting involved in a “tit-for-tat” argument online that quickly dissolves into juvenile name-calling antics, resulting in all parties looking like fools. Read this -> Social Media Smart Move: Be an Aggregator, Not an Aggravator [...]

  10. Tracy Ready says:

    Thanks Joel! … yes its a balance, and sometimes the struggle is what makes the “art” come alive. ~ Trace

  11. Tracy Ready says:

    Thanks for tuning in Bridget! Glad you enjoyed the post. – Trace

  12. Michelle says:

    Hello Trace!

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  15. [...] Why curate content? I enjoy being a curator of content online. It keeps my interest peaked in a variety of topics that I enjoy reading about. It also helps me in attracting more followers on Twitter and other social media networks. More about that in this post: Social Media Smart Move: Be an Aggregator NOT an Aggravator. [...]

  16. Cool tool! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Tracy Ready says:

    You’re welcome Shannon. Yes, I am having some fun with Storify… Thanks for sharing, much appreciated ~ Trace

  18. [...] 5 Sites for Learning about and Coping With Social Media (highly recommended!) [...]

  19. Bryan says:

    Nice piece, Trace. Love the crash analogy, because it is what it is.
    Now, we put on our big girl panties and deal with it.

  20. Tracy Ready says:

    Thanks Bryan! cheersonya, Trace

  21. Thanks for the opportunity to guest post on your fantastic blog, Trace! I’m really honored to be a part of what you’re doing here.

    Playful blessings,

  22. [...] Social Freelancer blog – hope you’ll read and comment! [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at [...]

  23. Ebb, Flow, Life changing, and I spend almost no time with twitter. Full time job, and with my kids. finding the energy to clean is all I’ve got these days. Time to get back on the horse though. Nice post.

  24. Thanks for a great post – i look forward to sharing this with my partners as we are at the onset of a content marketing campaign. I believe ‘good’ content is key and should trump quantity every time. We’re learning….

  25. Susan Featro says:

    I enjoyed your guest post, Stan! I agree that being real is key – in our writing, in our art, in our life…and on social media. It’s amazing how hard people will sometimes try…going to great extents to avoid letting people see what’s real…when it’s as simple as that – being who we really are. We all have strengths & weaknesses, good days & bad days, and we’re all struggling sometimes and doing the best that we can. I have felt the pull to give out more than is realistically possible in my social media endeavors, and I find it helpful to just continually check in with myself & ask how I’m honestly feeling…and then to adjust as necessary. I love that you raised this topic of being real, because it’s important, and I love seeing people be real (in social media & in life,) because we give each other permission to be ourselves & be real when we are practicing that.

  26. Tara says:

    you reminded me that Graves, Goodbye to a River has been calling to me from my bookshelf…

  27. Trace THANK YOU so much for being with us. Great to meet you! I so so appreciate you taking the time to share your takeaways and notes for everyone! I am passionate about sales and helping people be able to be able to create profitable sales for their business to make the kind of revenue that they TRULY want to make to grow their businesses the way they dreamed or better:) when they began. Happy Selling!!:)

  28. Tracy Ready says:

    My pleasure Debbie, I enjoyed the day and learned a lot. If you like this blog, would you be so kind as to sign up for the newsletter? sign up is on the right hand column of the page, I only send it once a week, no spam anytime, just my latest posts. Thanks! hope to see you again soon – Trace

  29. Thanks, Steven and Susan for resonating with my post! Keep being real…

  30. Ray Dalton says:

    Some good tips for monitoring your social media efforts and keeping them in mind can help make your marketing campaigns more beneficial.

  31. Usha says:

    Great article. Reflects what I feel exactly.

  32. Great idea for future posts …Made me smile :O) Thanks Tracey!

  33. Tracy Ready says:

    Thanks Shannon, glad you enjoyed. Personally I have some funny stories of my own about weirdness occurring on live TV, but my stories don’t compare to these! hilarious

  34. Bryan says:

    Great post, Trace. We all done been dere!

  35. I really enjoyed your post Lauren! Great life lessons indeed! Looking forward to all that you create…

  36. Tara says:

    I vote Lauren gets a regular spot! Or, mayhap I’ll wend my way over to your twitter, 1 more thing to figure out!
    I love how you incorporated life lessons into the show!

  37. Andrew says:

    She thinks she is sooooooo smart!!!!—————-she is!

  38. Lauren, this is great! I still think that Nina should have won and that Nick did not deserve the win! The infuriating thing was that on “Watch What Happens Live”, Andy Cohen’s show that comes on right after Top Chef, Tom Collichio acknowledged that Nina had consistently cooked better except for the last meal! To me, this would be exactly as if whoever won the Dessert Round on “Chopped” would win the whole thing–regardless of how they did in rounds 1 and 2! At any rate, Nina is clearly a superstar and Nick is running a 22 seat restaurant.

  39. Lauren Ready says:

    Thanks for your kind words. I am more comfortable in the role of editor but I will do most anything to help Trace.

  40. vamshi says:

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