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Song for the Season: Little Feat’s Apolitical Blues

I listened to this tune a lot when I was young, from Little Feat’s 1972 LP “Sailin’ Shoes” – Apolitical Blues…
Amidst the rankling amongst the “parties” (how can they call them that?!) this song popped back into my head yesterday.

Lowell George’s Apolitical Blues still makes me smile. I can relate to being tired of the rhetoric and grandstanding in the political process and not wanting to hear about it anymore. It doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion. I do. And a proposal:

I don’t think anyone is changing their mind at this point. Let’s move to have elections tomorrow and be done with the nonsense! We could make it a nationwide potluck supper. Everyone brings something to have a picnic with at the polling place; we all vote, have a bite to eat and go home.

Save Time and Money
Instruct both parties to put the money they would spend from now until November 7th back to the treasury, real help with the deficit. Plus, we could conserve all the politicians’ hot air, and get on with our lives.

Of course I am being naive and none of this will ever happen, but isn’t it a fun dream?

Lowell George – missed…

Lowell Thomas George (April 13, 1945 – June 29, 1979) was an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, who was the main guitarist and songwriter for the rock band Little Feat.
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