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Remember Moments that Matter

Will Rogers, the American humorist once said:

American humorist, writer and actor Will Rogers

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

True, but I have found that sometimes the temptation to just lay down on the tracks is great. I get weary of the turmoil and confusing nature of life.
Maybe you can relate to this scenario of mine:

I’ve had some “good fortune” and a bunch of bad too. Read more…

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Trace Relations CD Release Shows Support Texas Music Documentary #SoTxSoul

UPDATE! 2 SHOWS THIS WEEKEND TEEMING WITH TEXAS LADYBUGS! DALLAS – The Trace Relations duo of Jason Meyers (guitars) and Tracy Ready (vocals) will appear along with their South Texas Music Friends The Texas Ladybugs at Poor David’s Pub, Friday July 6, 2012 and at White Rock Sports Bar on Saturday night, July 7th.
You don’t want to miss these great ladies of Americana and South Texas Soul, part of our big music family in San Antonio, making long overdue Dallas appearances.

Texas Ladybugs in Dallas July 6 and 7!

FRIDAY July 6thPoor David’s PubTexas Ladybugs at 7pm, Trace Relations Duo at 8pm
SATURDAY July 7th – White Rock Sports Bar – Texas Ladybugs Showcase! 8pm – Trace Relations Duo opens the show.
718 N Buckner Blvd., Dallas, TX 75218
Neighborhood: Lakewood (214) 321-6979

Read on for more about our recent tour, information on the documentary “South Texas Soul: The San Antonio Sound” and the CD Release from Trace Relations Band, “Prosperity Street”>>> Read more…

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“Groover’s Paradise” A Tribute to Doug Sahm

Dallas, TX (Aug. 16, 2011) A rocked up remake of Doug Sahm’s 1974 landmark track “Groover’s Paradise” has been released. The track is available at Trace Relations Band Official Site. “Groover’s Paradise” is one of four tracks released from the band in advance of their full length CD “Prosperity Street” coming in December, 2011.

The song was arranged and performed by vocalist Tracy Ready and guitarist Kevin Lewis of Trace Relations Band with Shawn Sahm of Texas Tornados, a tribute to his father, the late Texas music pioneer Doug Sahm.

YouTube Preview Image

Read on for the story behind the track >>> Read more…

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Texas Tornados Spin Again – Shawn Sahm

The multi-talented Shawn Sahm has reformed the Tex-Mex supergroup Texas Tornados with original members Augie Meyers and Flaco Jimenez. The band is getting rave reviews for it’s recent performances at Austin’s South By Southwest music festival. A decade after the passing of his famous father, Texas music icon Doug Sahm, Shawn is forging a new path for the group, which also lost original member Freddy Fender in 2006.

Shawn, Augie and Flaco are returning to the charts with “Esta Bueno” a CD bursting with enthusiasm, capturing the best of what the Texas Tornados were in their 1990’s Grammy Award winning heyday combined with a fresh feel for the future that is winning new fans worldwide.

In 2009, I sat down for an in-depth interview with Shawn for the upcoming film: South Texas Soul: The San Antonio Sound. Here are a few excerpts with Shawn discussing his life as Doug’s son, the Augie Meyers – Doug Sahm dynamic and, of course, the music that has made it all click.

YouTube Preview Image

Special thanks to Cheryl and Shawn for their hospitality down in “Groover’s Paradise”, to Jason Meyers for running camera and sound during the interview and to Jeff Mack for editing this piece.

Read more…

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TXMPA Lobby Day Draws Crowd to Capitol Supporting Film and Television Production in Texas

Austin, Texas
March 4, 2009
An overcast sky gave way to a beautiful day in Austin as hundreds of people in the moving image industries (film, video, gaming) converged on the Texas State Capitol showing support for legislation which, if passed, will help repair the severely damaged industry in our state. It was an eye-opening experience for me, a Director of Photography, as I spend most of my time working on small crew productions, with little interaction with others in my industry. So, to be on the steps of the Capitol with a nice crowd who all have similar interests helped me understand the scope of the industry and how each of us play a part in a vital economic engine of the state.
This is an important cause, which has ripple effects to a multitude of support businesses, including hotels, restaurants, rental car companies, and on and on. Statistics show that we have lost more than $500 million in revenue and more than 7000 jobs across the state in recent years. Why? Because other states, most notably Louisiana and New Mexico, instituted major tax incentives to lure big budget projects to their states, and it has worked. Many of our fellow Texans have had to move out of state or commute back and forth to these neighboring states in order to stay in business. Given our long history with film production in Texas, this is a crying shame.
See Films Shot in Texas since 1910

The Texas Motion Picture Alliance is a statewide grass roots organization that I am proud to be a part of, and it is only through their tireless efforts that this legislation exists and has a chance at reversing the trend of jobs and revenue related to moving image industries shifting to other states.

This is an effort which should concern ALL Texans, not just those of us working directly in the industry, because television, film and gaming production in the state brings more jobs in various related industries, and because we at one time were considered “the third coast” for film production, and we have seen it seep away. There are many projects where Texas would be the first choice for production, because of the great locations available, and well trained, well equipped crews, but we are losing out because of the incentives offered by our neighboring states, and others around the country. Once this business is completely gone, it will be hard to bring it back.
Please support HB 873 and SB 605. It’s important to all of us.

Get involved! Join Texas Motion Picture Alliance
Read the story from Associated Press

From Don Stokes, President of Texas Motion Picture Alliance:

“Our lobbying effort is a community affair. It will take the efforts of all of us in the industry to make the enhanced incentive program a reality. Lobby Day 2009 was a phenomenal success and certainly raised industry awareness among the legislators. It is my honor as President of TXMPA to be part of this immense team.

We participated in the initial hearing on HB 873 on Wednesday, March 4 during our Lobby Day efforts. The witnesses that spoke on our behalf did so passionately and from the heart. Their testimonies spoke to the problems facing our industry in Texas and to the solutions for bring the business back. The committee members listened and I believe understood our message. I think we will make it out of committee and look forward to the placement of our bill on the House Calendar. At this juncture I feel good about our legislation passing but I know there will be challenges ahead especially on the appropriation front.

I would like to thank everyone for their efforts. Without all of you we wouldn’t stand a chance.

Don Stokes
President TXMPA

From David Friedman:

“Throughout TXMPA Lobby Day 2009, it became evident that legislators from across Texas were gaining a better understanding of how the moving picture industry impacts the economy. Many legislators were already onboard; whereas, some legislators were early in their understanding. The force of everyone pulling in the same direction, starting with Governor Rick Perry and the 700+ constituents at the Capitol, was felt by all the legislators. It was hard to miss on the Senate floor, the House floor, and on the front lawn of the Capitol. It was a great day for the state of Texas and our economy will be better off for it. The bottom line; is, creating and retaining jobs in Texas. Our collective efforts on TXMPA Lobby Day 2009 contributed to the bottom line in a significant way. Many thanks to all who attended in person and to those that were there with us in spirit.”

David S. Friedman, TXMPA, North Texas Regional Representative

Tracy Ready is an independent Writer / Producer / Director of Photography based in Dallas, Texas

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