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Freeform Wednesday Funny! Lonnie Mack with Stevie Ray Vaughan: Oreo Cookie Blues

Fun live performance of the Lonnie Mack tune “Oreo Cookie Blues”, with Stevie Ray Vaughan sittin’ in… This song always makes me laugh AND reach for the cookie jar, or the glove compartment of my car (see lyric). Enjoy this sweet tooth tune, then learn more about guitar great Lonnie Mack at the bottom of this post. Thanks!

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Lyric: Oreo Cookie Blues

Guitarist Lonnie Mack

Guitarist Lonnie Mack

Chocolate on my fingers, icing on my lips
Sugar diabetes and blubber on my hips
I keep the night light burning in the kitchen baby
So I can go downstairs and cruise
I got them oreo creme sandwich
Chocolate covered creme filled cookie blues
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Trace Relations Music: Texas Groove to Improve Your Mood

Looking at the songs chosen for the debut CD from Trace Relations “Prosperity Street”, a theme emerges: Acceptance. In one way or another each song relates to accepting where we are in life, and a determination to have a good time in spite of obstacles the world has thrown our way.

Trace Relations is all of vocalist Trace Ready’s musical relations. A unique listening experience, “Prosperity Street” takes the listener on a Texas Blues Rock and Americana journey, front to back. It’s a tribute to artists and songs that influenced Trace and a showcase for many great musicians he’s had the privilege of knowing over the years.

The music, cover art and photography also reflect Trace’s transient lifestyle, having spent the past 25 years going back and forth from Dallas to San Antonio, personally and musically. The songs draw on influences from these two iconic cities and the miles of road in between.

“Prosperity Street” features seven original songs and five very distinctive cover tunes.

Get the Music! -> Trace Relations “Prosperity Street” CD < -
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Remembering Texas Musician Extraordinaire: Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown was born April 18, 1924 in Vinton, Louisiana and died September 10, 2005 in Orange, Texas. While known primarily as a “bluesman”, he hated such titles. He was a master musician who defied being pigeonholed in any genre. His live shows ranged the gamut of American music. Jazz, rock, blues, cajun and bluegrass came soaring out of this man, who kept grinning through it all.

“I play American and World music, Texas style.”
– Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown

>>READ ON >> Check out three great videos from Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown >> Read more…

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Stories Behind the Songs: 2 – “I Live the Life I Love” by Trace Relations

“I see you watching me like a hawk. I don’t mind about the things you talk. But if you touch me something’s got to give. I live the life I love and I love the life I live.” ~ Willie Dixon

Welcome! This is the second in the series “Stories Behind the Songs” about the tracks on Trace Relations’ debut CD “Prosperity Street”. Track 2 on the disc is Willie Dixon’s “I Live the Life I Love” a classic blues song that we updated on the record. Why? READ ON, Groove on… Read more…

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Seven BEST Roots, Blues & Boogie On the Net!

I have been doing a lot of blues, boogie and roots music surfing online lately. Below are links to seven excellent sites I have discovered for insight on the MUSIC.

The list is not “scientific”, “all encompassing”, “definitive” or any of those fanciful terms, just spots I like for the music I love. If you are a fan of blues music and its history, I’ll bet you’ll enjoy them as well.

What’s your favorite? Any others you would like me to know about? Hope so! Comment below if you please… Thanks!

Willie Dixon photo courtesy of The Willie Dixon Fan Club

Willie Dixon courtesy The Willie Dixon Fan Club

The blues are the roots and the other musics are the fruits.
– Willie Dixon

Shuffle on to these seven sites for history and music for the soul. >>> Read more…

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