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Self Employed Competing With Corporate: Why You Should Team Up

Is your head spinning trying to make an impact for your small business through social media?
Join the club.

On the bright side, prior to this “revolution”, advertising your business even through local radio, TV or print campaigns was an expensive proposition. Now, you have the ability to spread your word for free across the Internet. It’s working for big business, and it can work for small ones, but going it alone makes it tough.
In this video, I try to put it in perspective. My suggestion? Build your own team and help each other. It costs nothing but time, and if you are not working enough (which is the case for many freelancers these days), time is something you have to work with.
Check out this short video for an example of my suggestion>> Read more…

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Top 4 Videos from The Social Freelancer

Last year I had an idea to produce some videos describing my experiences with social media. I did so with the help of some fine friends (watch video #4 to see who they are) and began posting this site:
The Social Freelancer ™.
Since then I have been gratified by the response to these posts. I have also had requests to put multiple videos in one post. So here you go!

Trace says "thanks for tuning in!"

Read on and watch the videos>>> Read more…

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Communicating With Color

Image Communications Expert Cathrine Hatcher discusses color and how it affects public perception in this video for TraceTV – Film – Music – Social Media.

YouTube Preview Image

We are all constantly communicating, both verbally, and non-verbally. Cathrine’s message here exposes how our choice of color in clothing can affect those that we meet with in our daily lives. It is interesting to note the origins of our perceptions of blue and red in particular. It also seems evident that these concepts carry over to the colors chosen for websites, advertising, television; anywhere, anytime we are communicating a message to one or more individuals. As soon as you arrive for a meeting, or as soon as a potential client is visiting your blog or website they are forming subconscious impressions of you based simply on color.

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New Day, New Blog

“Skating away on the thin ice of the new day…” – Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull

Greetings Friends,
I have been working for some time to upgrade our blog site. Now I am excited to launch: TraceTV – Film – Music – Social Media at I hope you’ll visit soon.
At the start up, I am re-posting some of the most popular items from our previous blog, and I invite you to take a spin around the site, kick the tires and give me some feedback. It is definitely a work in progress.
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