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Why You Should Schedule Tweets AND Engage. Yes. It Matters.

A myth: “Scheduling posts to Twitter is impersonal, everyone hates it.”
A truth: “It is important to engage with your followers, interact with them on Twitter so that they know you are a real person, not a “bot””

Twitter: @TraceTV @freelancesocial

Twitter: @TraceTV

If you use Twitter for your business, or to spread the word about a project you are passionate about, you have likely heard both of these statements. You may ask “why would I schedule tweets?”

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Focus On What You CAN Do, Not What You CAN’T

I had a horrible dream last night.
Riding in the very back seat of a passenger van on a two lane blacktop highway at night, I looked up to see that I was the only one in the van. No driver, no other passengers and the van was starting to veer off of the road. I struggled to unstrap myself from the seat so that I could somehow climb over all the seats, get behind the wheel and save myself from certain disaster. I woke up sweating. When I told my wife about the dream she pointed out how symbolic it was for my life at this time. Strange, I couldn’t even see the symbolism until she pointed it out to me.
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Top 5 Sites for Learning About and Coping with Social Media

Getting just a little knowledge one time and then thinking you’ve got it all figured out doesn’t “cut it” in these economically difficult times where EVERYONE is struggling to be heard above the noise in social media.
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Freelance on Facebook: 5 Fast Tips

Facebook for Freelancers

I have had many friends, colleagues and some very annoying acquaintances flow into my Facebook stream in recent years. In particular, I know family members and close friends who are self-employed and see some value in Facebook but are confused (rightfully so!) about how to use it to benefit their own businesses. Over time I have learned a few things about managing what I do and see on Facebook. Today I am sharing five tips that I hope you will find helpful.

This post IS NOT about how to get on Facebook, create an account or any of that. For all general and technical questions go to Facebook Help.

It IS about making it easier on yourself to interact with others and to promote your own brand responsibly on Facebook.

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My Top Five Teachers ~ The Social Freelancer Speaks Out

What I Have Learned
A sound business strategy in today’s market should be a mix of “traditional” media, done sensibly and “new” media. There are more ways to economically promote your business than ever before IF you have the knowledge and experience necessary to use both old media (television, radio, print) and new media (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.) to your best advantage.

Who I Am Learning From
It’s astounding, the amount of good information in this “new media” age available for free online for anyone who cares to seek it out. There are many sources out there; I want to share my favorite five with you.
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