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Beware of the Dangerous Facebook Assumption

Danger is lurking on Facebook.

Actually, no. Facebook is just a thing, a bulletin board we can all post to in a virtual space. The danger is lurking in your head.

We’re all making assumptions about each other and the world around us, everywhere, all the time. Along came Facebook, a breeding ground for bad assumptions. The old joke becomes painfully true:

To assume makes an ass out of you and me. (ass + u + me)

Facebook: The Social Freelancer

Facebook: The Social Freelancer

What’s the story?
Recently I was talking with a very good friend and colleague, who I have known for more than 30 years. We live in different cities, but keep in touch via email and Facebook often, less often via phone than we used to. My friend tragically lost his brother several months ago, and he was referring to his brother’s death in a phone conversation, and I had no idea this had happened. I certainly would have sent some condolences, or gone to visit my friend during this time, had I known.

We both made unfortunate Facebook assumptions. Read more…

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Is Social Media Killing the email REPLY?

Morning RANT: The email REPLY. What is going on? Why do many people not bother with a RESPONSE to an email (or a phone call?) This is not a new frustration for me, but it seems that fewer people are responding than ever before. Was it something I said? I don’t think so…

Take a moment to REPLY - it matters...

READ ON>>> Read more…

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Keep the “Social” in Social Media – Revisited!

It’s a busy week here and I have had several requests to see this post again so here we go, reminding you to:

Hope you find this helpful. I look forward to your comments and criticism, it’s all good. Won’t you post something in comments below? Many thanks, Trace

Freelance Media Professional Tracy Ready discusses the analogy of social media for freelancers as going to series of parties and outlines the relationship between social networks, a blog and small business websites.

YouTube Preview Image

“Have fun at the party but don’t be a jerk!”

See the rest of the story>>> Read more…

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A Crash A Day – It’s Not “Right” but it’s True

A Crash
You were seeing the beauty of the Swiss Alps up close and personal in a private helicopter. A rogue crosswind slammed the chopper into the side of the mountain with no warning. Miraculously you find yourself outside of the wreckage, the only survivor and basically unscathed, save a few bumps and bruises. This is the way we wake up each morning.

Rescue in the Alps - photo courtesy DataLife Engine

What To Do? >>> Read more…

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Social Media Simple – 3 Videos

Having worked in “traditional” media (television) for more than 20 years, I have been astounded at the growth of social media and it’s impact on how we do business as freelance media professionals. It’s also apparent to me that many of my colleagues in television and music production are not taking part in this revolution, often because of a lack of understanding of how it all works.

Social media is about people sharing information and learning from each other, not directly pitching products.

READ ON and see 3 concise videos that lay out the basic concepts. >>> Read more…

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