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Taking ProBlogger Advice! Time Management Quotes that Help me Cope

It’s Thursday morning, my scheduled weekly deadline for this blog, and yet I have been too busy to generate any new posts this week. So what to do? Just yesterday I tweeted this post from Darren Rowse’s excellent blog (@ProBlogger):
One Activity You Should Do On Your Blog Every Day
In it, Darren talks about publishing new posts from older ones that have performed well in the past, a way to expose new readers to previously generated content. SO, that fits in perfectly with my situation this morning!

I hope you enjoy the quotes, songs and tips here, things that help me cope with one of my biggest headaches in life, Time Management!

Thanks for tuning in, Trace

Waking up to a mental list of tasks, agonizing over opportunities missed, juggling work and home life AND time to write consistently for this blog, it all gives me a headache! As an entrepreneur (freelancer) I constantly struggle with “time management”. How do I keep groceries on the table, and pursue tasks that are closer to my own personal visions for the rest of my days? The only ANSWER I know is – Keep working on it. It’s easy to let the multitude of tasks and commitments at hand get the best of us, if we let it.

Wait a minute!

There are many great articles written from a practical business standpoint which address this issue. Most boil down to some simple ideas:
1. Make lists of tasks and then prioritize: Work on the most important things first.
2. Give yourself credit for small things, simple tasks completed. Pat yourself on the back when you reach small milestones. Many people are waiting for the BIG GLORIOUS VICTORY before they give themselves any credit. Sometimes that victory never comes. Don’t worry about it, celebrate small victories as they happen.
3. Schedule specific times for specific tasks. Like this blog, I schedule every Wednesday evening and early Thursday mornings to complete at least one post a week. It’s HARD, amidst everything else in my life, but I get it done because I have it SCHEDULED.

There is an interesting and in depth post this week from Entrepreneur Magazine – Read it here > 10 Time Management Tips that Work

“I am guilty of a dreadful selfish crime. I have robbed myself of all my precious time” – Robert Earl Keen

READ ON – Great Songs and Quotes: TIME Read more…

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Yikes! I have Social Media Multiple Personality Disorder…YOU?

This post is contrary to what a lot of “experts” say. I don’t buy the idea that we are all just one thing. A photographer, a musician, a social media enthusiast… Yes, I am ALL of those things. I believe most people have multiple passions, even if they don’t see themselves that way.

Common wisdom: Find your niche, stick to it.
My take on it: Define a few niches, and focus on them.

If it was easy, everyone would do it...

I AGREE with the common wisdom of finding a niche and focusing on IT. That concept helped me make a career in television as a young man. However, I have always been a person with several “irons in the fire”: video production, photography, music, writing, travel. That is who I am, and I ENJOY pursuing multiple avenues at once. I realized a long time ago that each of them had to be defined in themselves.
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What’s this? New Site for Trace Productions: Will you “kick the tires”?

As a self-employed, sole proprietor business owner, your website is your BRAND, your public face to the world.
Designing a site, or updating (in my case) is an important undertaking and one that I have found to be daunting. I kept looking at the primary site for my production business, Trace Productions, feeling embarrassed that much of the content had not been updated in 10 years or more. In that time, I have added new skills and services (media consultation, social media management) to my client offerings.

Stoked about the new site!

Stoked about the new site!

What do you think of this? New Site! Click here: media. marketing. images with imagination.

Self examination: a good thing. Read more…

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Trace Relations CD Release Shows Support Texas Music Documentary #SoTxSoul

UPDATE! 2 SHOWS THIS WEEKEND TEEMING WITH TEXAS LADYBUGS! DALLAS – The Trace Relations duo of Jason Meyers (guitars) and Tracy Ready (vocals) will appear along with their South Texas Music Friends The Texas Ladybugs at Poor David’s Pub, Friday July 6, 2012 and at White Rock Sports Bar on Saturday night, July 7th.
You don’t want to miss these great ladies of Americana and South Texas Soul, part of our big music family in San Antonio, making long overdue Dallas appearances.

Texas Ladybugs in Dallas July 6 and 7!

FRIDAY July 6thPoor David’s PubTexas Ladybugs at 7pm, Trace Relations Duo at 8pm
SATURDAY July 7th – White Rock Sports Bar – Texas Ladybugs Showcase! 8pm – Trace Relations Duo opens the show.
718 N Buckner Blvd., Dallas, TX 75218
Neighborhood: Lakewood (214) 321-6979

Read on for more about our recent tour, information on the documentary “South Texas Soul: The San Antonio Sound” and the CD Release from Trace Relations Band, “Prosperity Street”>>> Read more…

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Top 4 Videos from The Social Freelancer

Last year I had an idea to produce some videos describing my experiences with social media. I did so with the help of some fine friends (watch video #4 to see who they are) and began posting this site:
The Social Freelancer ™.
Since then I have been gratified by the response to these posts. I have also had requests to put multiple videos in one post. So here you go!

Trace says "thanks for tuning in!"

Read on and watch the videos>>> Read more…

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