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Freeform Wednesday: Funny Indie Film Parody

Hilarious! Aren’t you tired of predictable, “feel good”, dramatic indie films? This trailer for “Not Another Sundance Movie” pokes fun at these goofy, sappy movies and their “wannabe” directors, yearning to bloom at Sundance.

Brought to you by TastesFunny on Youtube
YouTube Preview Image

My personal favorite quote from this one:
“Featuring a stirring performance by a young ethnic girl that’s guaranteed to be nominated for an Oscar, but not win, subsequently leading to her fall back into obscurity, hit rock bottom and show up on celebrity rehab after having a child at sixteen.”

Read the original post via Uproxx – @FilmDrunk:
Not Another Sundance Movie Indie Movie Parody

What is Freeform Wednesday? Read more…

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5 Low Cost Ways To Support Your Indie Artist and Filmmaker Friends

Your neighbor plays in a local band, and they’ve just released an indie produced CD. You know about it, but have never heard him play. You see him lugging his gear in and out to gigs from his house. You also see him in the mornings, dressed for business, driving off with a friendly wave as you take out the trash. You’ve never thought much about it, but chances are, your neighbor is a passionate musician, with a fair amount of talent, who is trying hard to keep bread on the table for his family while pursuing his artistic side.

The world is full of stories such as this, and most of us have friend like this neighbor, or a family member who is an artist, musician, photographer, filmmaker or has related creative pursuits.

Just show up!

Show them you care, its easy and often FREE.
Its tough for indie artists of any variety to make an impact and pay the bills, while pursuing their craft. Social Media for artists and entrepreneurs is a two edged sword.

On one hand, there are more free or low cost ways than ever before to attract new fans, or attention for a project (Facebook, Twitter, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, etc.) The flip side to that is that millions of others have the same opportunities. We are ALL experiencing “information overload”.
What can one person with limited finances do to help his or her indie artist friends? A Lot. Read ON>>> Read more…

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Dallas Sound Legend Skip Frazee to Be Honored at TAF/TP Holiday Party

Dallas based freelance Audio Engineer Skip Frazee will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Texas Association of Film and Tape Professionals (TAF/TP) Holiday Party, Friday, November 30th. Frazee is known for his outstanding work for more than 35 years in countless films, documentaries, episodic TV shows and commercial productions. His professionalism on set as well as his

Audio Maestro Skip Frazee

charming wit and camaraderie with cast and crew alike have made Frazee a favorite for producers and directors from all over the world.
Visit Skip Frazee’ Site ->

It is shaping up to be a great evening, celebrating Skip Frazee’s career and the rebirth of the TAF/TP, a non profit organization that has weathered a terrible blow, an embezzlement of funds, which is being criminally investigated, that threatened this important organization with extinction.

Where’s the Party? What does Skip have to say? What happened with this organization? What is the future of TAF/TP? – READ ON Read more…

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Kickstarter works, but only if you WORK IT. 41% of projects FAIL [INFOGRAPHIC]

Indeed, lots of buzz lately about Kickstarter, Indiegogo Gofundme and other “crowd sourcing” platforms for independently produced creative projects. But do they work? YES. If you WORK IT.
Many people hear about crowd funding, get excited and jump to creating a project, only to have it not reach a large enough audience and fail.


The lesson is one that is common throughout life, business and the arts: Marketing takes time to develop. Great relationships don’t happen overnight. There is no “silver bullet”. If you want to achieve something, anything of value, you have to roll up the sleeves, and work.

Don’t know what I am talking about? Go to and investigate it for yourself.
What I have Learned
I have been researching crowd funding options and published this post you may find interesting: Indie Filmmaker Seeks Best in Crowd Funding

My takeaways?
1. Have clearly defined goals for your project that people can easily understand.
2. Offer good “perks” or incentives for people to donate to support your project.
3. Have a solid mailing list of individuals that you believe would be interested in your creative work.
4. Be ready to heavily promote the project once you have it listed.
Be prepaared to spend your time spreading the word, no one is going to do it for you. These platforms give you the mechanism to raise funds, they are not there to do all the work for you.

SEE the Graphic below. What is your “takeaway” from this? Comments please!>>> Read more…

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Kickstarter? Indiegogo? Indie Filmmaker Seeks BEST in Crowd Funding

Like so many others with creative endeavors at hand, I am intrigued about Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the big leagues of “crowd funding” as ways to bring creative / entrepreneur visions to market in the real world.

What is Crowd Funding?
It’s the idea that a lot of unconnected people can contribute to funding a project, because of a common interest.

“I have an idea, and a solid plan to execute, but we can’t afford to make it happen. Would you be interested in helping?” – the essence of “crowd funding”

Platforms like KickStarter and Indiegogo are simply facilitating the process, allowing people with good ideas but few resources to reach a large audience.

Wikipedia defines it like this: Read more…

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