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Never forget 9-11 and the feelings we shared in the days that followed…

Never forget 9–11. My heart goes out to the families, the victims, the first responders, all whose lives were forever scarred by savages who not only want to kill us, but to destroy the very fabric of America.

We could honor the heros if we could somehow return to the feelings we had in the days after September 11 when we were just Americans who cared for each other; not black, not white, not asian, not hispanic, just Americans.

I have no answers but I pray for our country.

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Vanishing Texas Photography and Jazz: Finding Beauty in Decay

Remember Moments that Matter

Trace Ready "The Social Freelancer"

Trace Ready “The Social Freelancer”

Trace Ready is a Director of Photography, Writer, Producer and Vocalist based in Dallas, Texas. His band Trace Relations has released their debut studio CD “Prosperity Street”
Connect with Trace:

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Why I want to drive a Ford to “Vanishing Texas”

This old blue workhorse, my 2004 Ford Expedition has carried me in and out of some strange places. Now this one is heaving a sigh every time I turn the key. It occurred to me, wouldn’t Ford like to sponsor “Vanishing Texas”?

"Vanishing Texas" - Coleman, Tx.

“Vanishing Texas” – Coleman, Tx.

My ongoing quest to document in pictures forgotten structures in Texas takes me to the edges of the state. My work in broadcast television and corporate video puts me in a lot of cities every year. What if I were to capture my truck in these varied locales and talk about it? Think that would be worth something to Ford?

Trace Relations say "Thanks!"

Trace Relations say “Thanks!”

Hashtag this on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram #FordSocial #FordVanishingTX – Help me get their attention! Thank you.

Support this project: Put some gas in the tank of my Ford, get a copy of my CD “Prosperity Street” by Trace Relations as my thanks! It’s full of “Texas Groove, guaranteed to improve your mood” HERE:
Vanishing Texas Photography on

"Vanishing Texas" - Coleman, Tx.

“Vanishing Texas” – Coleman, Tx.

YES, it’s a real project. In my travels, I am all over the state of Texas. It’s my mission along the way to find and photograph as many of the scenes of “Vanishing Texas” that I can in the next 2 years. Meanwhile, I will be releasing more youtube videos, posting photos to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram, and stories on this blog. I hope to culminate the whole deal with a book of photographs and stories from the road in 2017.

What I need is a sponsor and Ford Trucks would be a natural fit, in my mind. Read more…

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“Vanishing Texas” Photography and Jazz: Finding Beauty in Decay

Old abandoned buildings. Rusty stuff. Forgotten roads. Burned out roofs. As a photographer, I’ve been drawn to places of past dreams, forgotten ambitions, lives lived and gone. When I see them I think of what may have transpired there. And I find beauty in the decay.
Vanishing Texas:
YouTube Preview Image

Like this?
Help me keep the wheels on the road with a small donation, here:
Vanishing Texas Photography at

Every little bit helps, and donors receive a free copy of the debut Trace Relations CD “Prosperity Street”
“12 tracks of Texas Groove guaranteed to improve your mood.”
Thanks, Trace

The unprotected scene
There are plenty of buildings designated as “Historic Sites” by the state of Texas, that are preserved and protected from demolition. What intrigues me are the OTHERS. In small towns and in the cities, there are thousands of other buildings, that may not have any protection. They are pieces of America left to be weathered by the elements, eventually to be destroyed or simply disintegrate. These are the places that are vanishing from the landscape, slowly, over time. Whenever I pass them, I think “Who lived (or died) here?” “What dreams and aspirations did they have?” “What drama unfolded here?” And I know that the next time I pass by, these spots may no longer exist. These are the scenes of “Vanishing Texas”. Read more…

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Trace Relations “South Texas Soul” Tour To Play Historic Esquire Tavern in San Antonio

Supporting South Texas Soul Documentary: Trace Relations CD Release Party! Thursday, June 28, 2012, 7 – 9pm, a special evening of Texas music and film at the historic Esquire Tavern in San Antonio, Texas – oldest bar on the River Walk!
Performances by Trace Relations Trio and Katherine Dawn of the Texas Ladybugs PLUS a preview screening and discussion of the documentary film now in production “South Texas Soul: The San Antonio Sound” Joining director Tracy Ready for the discussion on San Antonio music history will be Jim Beal, Jr. of the San Antonio Express-News.

WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR STORIES OF SAN ANTONIO’S MUSIC PAST. This is a documentary in production, please come and meet Director Tracy Ready (and vocalist with Trace Relations) and give a synopsis of your stories of the past for consideration of interview for the film.

The Esquire Tavern

The Esquire Tavern opened in 1933 
to celebrate the end of Prohibition 
and has been a beloved San Antonio 
watering hole ever since, with a 
short hiatus from 2006 to 2011. 
The Esquire is back as the quintessential downtown bar:  
dark, cool, redolent with history,
and serving cold, cold beer, swanky cocktails, and excellent food.

Tickets: No Cover! $10 donation gets debut CD “Prosperity Street” from Trace Relations Band ($15 value)
Read on for show schedule>>> Read more…

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5 Best Quote Sources on the Net

A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five.
– Groucho Marx

Two questions I get often:

1. Where do you get your quotes?
The short answer is: a lot of places… multiple sources that are easy to use. After a good deal of research and trial and error, here are the five best sites for quotes on the Internet (in my not so humble opinion!):


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