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Social Media Strategy: Be Real

Social Media Strategy: Be Real

This is a guest post by my social media – music world friend Stan Stewart. Yes, we are friends, although we’ve never met in person – it’s the power of social networking, at work… More about Stan following this article. Thanks for tuning in – Trace

If you want to, you can read dozens of how-to posts about how you should run your social media campaigns. They are everywhere these days. And it’s a great idea to find out as much as you can about whatever social networks you’ve selected for your brand or personal use. But this post is about something much more simple for each of us: being the real you. Read more…

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3 Excellent Online Resources for Indie Musicians

Running a full marketing campaign for your band can get pretty expensive. Luckily, there are many online tools that are equipped to help D-I-Y musicians promote their music with minimal budget. Below are three of the most popular websites that indie musicians from all over the world are using to their advantage, with measurable results.

“Of course, for any venture to become successful, it takes WORK, consistent effort over time. If you don’t believe in your music enough to devote time to promote it, it is unlikely that you will attract many fans, or offers of collaboration.” – Trace
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You Are What You DO, Not What You SAY.
What online resources for indie musicians would you recommend?
Please comment below.

Thanks for tuning in ~ Trace


With millions of people using YouTube everyday, not having your music uploaded there is a huge loss for your band. Read more…

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Stories Behind the Songs: 2 – “I Live the Life I Love” by Trace Relations

“I see you watching me like a hawk. I don’t mind about the things you talk. But if you touch me something’s got to give. I live the life I love and I love the life I live.” ~ Willie Dixon

Welcome! This is the second in the series “Stories Behind the Songs” about the tracks on Trace Relations’ debut CD “Prosperity Street”. Track 2 on the disc is Willie Dixon’s “I Live the Life I Love” a classic blues song that we updated on the record. Why? READ ON, Groove on… Read more…

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What does your word cloud say about you? Freelancer Fun with Wordle

It was fun creating this image for our Facebook page using Wordle:

Word cloud for The Social Freelancer Blog via Wordle

What would yours say?

Why did I do that?

How did I do that?

Read ON, comments welcome at bottom of this page>> Read more…

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Top 7 Socially Smart Indie Musicians!

Today’s post is a showcase of indie musicians who really “get it” about Social Media. One month ago, I posted this article > Let’s Stick Together: Share to Become 1 of “My Top 5 Socially Smart Indie Musicians”.

In it, I asked indie artists to help spread the word about my band‘s upcoming CD release, with the promise that I would post an article highlighting indie musicians who responded and whose music I genuinely respect.

It had to be Top 7! Read more…

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