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5 Best Quote Sources on the Net

A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five.
- Groucho Marx

Two questions I get often:

1. Where do you get your quotes?
The short answer is: a lot of places… multiple sources that are easy to use. After a good deal of research and trial and error, here are the five best sites for quotes on the Internet (in my not so humble opinion!):


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Keep the “Social” in Social Media – Revisited!

It’s a busy week here and I have had several requests to see this post again so here we go, reminding you to:

Hope you find this helpful. I look forward to your comments and criticism, it’s all good. Won’t you post something in comments below? Many thanks, Trace

Freelance Media Professional Tracy Ready discusses the analogy of social media for freelancers as going to series of parties and outlines the relationship between social networks, a blog and small business websites.

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“Have fun at the party but don’t be a jerk!”

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Social Media Simple – 3 Videos

Having worked in “traditional” media (television) for more than 20 years, I have been astounded at the growth of social media and it’s impact on how we do business as freelance media professionals. It’s also apparent to me that many of my colleagues in television and music production are not taking part in this revolution, often because of a lack of understanding of how it all works.

Social media is about people sharing information and learning from each other, not directly pitching products.

READ ON and see 3 concise videos that lay out the basic concepts. >>> Read more…

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The Social Media Diet: Following Doctor’s Orders

I like my doctor.
Why? Well he’s a nice guy, plus he’s chubbier than me, so I don’t feel so guilty about my expanding middle aged girth! He’s a realist. He told me once that he wouldn’t tell me to not have a beer or 2, maybe 3? …once in a while. He said if he told me not to I might run into him at the concession stand at the Dallas Mavericks basketball game and see him walk away with a cold beer and some nachos. He’s no hypocrite.

What did the doctor say?

He also gave me this sage medical advice, which I think applies well to growing your social media influence:

It’s not what you do some of the time that matters, it’s what you do ALL the time.

I said “huh?”
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Communicating With Color

Image Communications Expert Cathrine Hatcher discusses color and how it affects public perception in this video for TraceTV – Film – Music – Social Media.

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We are all constantly communicating, both verbally, and non-verbally. Cathrine’s message here exposes how our choice of color in clothing can affect those that we meet with in our daily lives. It is interesting to note the origins of our perceptions of blue and red in particular. It also seems evident that these concepts carry over to the colors chosen for websites, advertising, television; anywhere, anytime we are communicating a message to one or more individuals. As soon as you arrive for a meeting, or as soon as a potential client is visiting your blog or website they are forming subconscious impressions of you based simply on color.

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