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“Vanishing Texas” Photography and Jazz: Finding Beauty in Decay

Old abandoned buildings. Rusty stuff. Forgotten roads. Burned out roofs. As a photographer, I’ve been drawn to places of past dreams, forgotten ambitions, lives lived and gone. When I see them I think of what may have transpired there. And I find beauty in the decay.
Vanishing Texas:
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The unprotected scene
There are plenty of buildings designated as “Historic Sites” by the state of Texas, that are preserved and protected from demolition. What intrigues me are the OTHERS. In small towns and in the cities, there are thousands of other buildings, that may not have any protection. They are pieces of America left to be weathered by the elements, eventually to be destroyed or simply disintegrate. These are the places that are vanishing from the landscape, slowly, over time. Whenever I pass them, I think “Who lived (or died) here?” “What dreams and aspirations did they have?” “What drama unfolded here?” And I know that the next time I pass by, these spots may no longer exist. These are the scenes of “Vanishing Texas”. Read more…

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Music Fix: Wynton Marsalis “Cherokee” Trumpet Deluxe

For all you trumpet aficionados out there…
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Missin’ Miss Marcy Mondays, Goodbye Pearl

Guitars & horns wailin' at final DFW Blues Society Jam at Pearl - Photo by Tracy Ready

Goodbye to Pearl, a great blues club in Dallas, Texas whose owners have shut the doors after four years of providing top notch blues and jazz acts a great venue to play downtown. Victims of an economy in which many can’t afford to drive downtown, pay for parking and attend shows, the closing of Pearl is a tragic loss to the musical soul of Dallas.

>READ ON > See 2 videos from Miss Marcy & her Texas Sugardaddys >>
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Music Fix: Larry Carlton “Night Sweats”

Larry Carlton is simply an amazing guitarist whose work I first became aware of in the 70’s as the guy who played great solos on some of Steely Dan’s early recordings. He’s a “musician’s musician”, able to play with fluidity and grace in a wide variety of styles and formats. I’m particularly partial to his more electric jazz, rock and blues fusion bands but he’s also made his name in “smooth jazz” as an acoustic player. My favorites are ones like this.. NIGHT SWEATS.
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CD Release at Pearl!">Miss Marcy & her Texas SugarDaddys CD Release at Pearl!

Miss Marcy & her Texas SugarDaddys CD Release:

The stars are aligning in the muggy North Texas heat this week. Miss Marcy and her Texas SugarDaddys, a group of some of my favorite Dallas players are releasing new CD with a show at my favorite blues club in the world (and believe me I’ve been to a bunch) – PEARL in Dallas, Texas.
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