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Done NOTHING with Social Media? No big deal, jump on in.

You signed up for Facebook but rarely look at it or make any status updates.
You’ve heard about Twitter but just don’t “get it”
You want to increase business via Linkedin but don’t know how.
You think because so many have built up huge followings on Social Media that it’s “too late.”
Here’s what I think:

You are not alone. One of the best things about social media is that there is a short memory span. People jump in and out all the time. Many have profiles that are inactive (that’s not good, but easily corrected).

This is meant to encourage you. Read more…

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Four Tips for Surviving Social Media

What to do with Social Media? Be careful, but have fun… Here are four quick tips for surviving social media, hope you find it helpful.

1. Use common sense. Simple. Don’t put your home address anywhere on your websites, blogs, profiles, anywhere. I keep a business mailing address that is posted on my sites, but it’s no one’s business where I live.

2. Avoid personal attacks. Follow the age old advice “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” This is sometimes hard to do in life, and on the Internet, but it is vital to your social networking efforts. Having conversations online about things that you are passionate about is great for building your reputation, but watch your words! If you take issue with something someone has posted, respond with fact and supportable opinion, do not attack the person who posted it. Likewise, as soon as someone launches a personal attack against you, restate your qualified opinion on the subject, then let it go – disengage from the conversation. I have seen many instances of people getting involved in a “tit-for-tat” argument online that quickly dissolves into juvenile name-calling antics, resulting in all parties looking like fools.
Read this -> Social Media Smart Move: Be an Aggregator, Not an Aggravator

careful about the kooks

3. Remember, the Internet is full of kooks, but plenty of sensible people too. Sometimes its hard to tell who the kooks are at first, but watch what people write about on a regular basis, and soon their true colors come through.
READ ON, Post comments at bottom of this page, I love the feedback. What do you think of this post?>> Read more…

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Social Media Smart Move: Be an Aggregator Not an Aggravator

What do the most successful, most “shared” websites today have in common?
AllTop, Mashable, TheNextWeb, TechCrunch; all are content aggregators. The concepts they use for online success are applicable tools for entrepreneurs and small business, for those who embrace this simple concept of social media:

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I found this cool article, here I re-posted it, check it out…” – Social Media in a nutshell.

That’s what the “big boys” of socially shared media do on a grand scale. Most of the core content was not created by their staffs. They find interesting articles, videos and technology from a myriad of sources and then repurpose them as articles on their sites. In turn, all of the original content creators get raised visibility and the aggregator (like Mashable) reaches audiences of ever expanding proportions. Not because they do this every once in a while, but because they do it ALL the TIME.
Read more…

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How to “Socialize” Your Youtube Videos: Testing Inbound Now

Inbound Now has created an impressive tool that takes your Youtube videos and wraps them with subscription and sharing buttons for all the “biggies” of Social Media: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest and Buffer.

In my stumbles across the web, I am always on the lookout for tips and tools that may be helpful to freelancers in music and media (like myself) and other self-employed individuals. Today I found a very impressive site, seemingly loaded with useful tools called Inbound Now. This post is my first experiment using Inbound Now’s Social Media Optimized Youtube Player. I have no affiliation with Inbound Now, my thoughts here are my own.


First Impression: Very Cool. Easy to use. After about 15 minutes of experimentation, I was able to create Youtube players for this post, using two of our music videos from Trace Relations debut CD Release “Prosperity Street”.

Inbound Now: Socializing YouTube

Check these out, play the videos and give the buttons a test spin, if you please. Subscribe and share, much appreciated! Plus, I want to know how these players are actually performing beyond my own desktop. Please comment below. Thanks!

Read ON > Testing the Inbound Now Youtube Players here.

Prosperity Street – Title track of Trace Relations Debut CD: Mp3 and CD available now at Trace Relations ™ Music

Player created by Inbound Now – Social Media Tools.

See the rest of the review below this video> Read more…

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Is Social Media Killing the email REPLY?

Morning RANT: The email REPLY. What is going on? Why do many people not bother with a RESPONSE to an email (or a phone call?) This is not a new frustration for me, but it seems that fewer people are responding than ever before. Was it something I said? I don’t think so…

Take a moment to REPLY - it matters...

READ ON>>> Read more…

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