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Tuesday Tips: How to use Youtube video tags effectively via ReelSEO

Tuesday Tips: How to use Youtube video tags effectively. Most people realize by now that since Youtube is owned by Google, posting videos to Youtube has obvious advantage in getting your content (whatever it is) to rank high in Google Search results. But just posting a video to youtube and hoping people will find it, and more importantly, WATCH it, is a losing proposition. With keywords tags, you are letting Google know what your video is about. Unless you only want to share a video via email to family and friends, and don’t care if anyone actually FINDS it through search on the Internet, intelligent use of tags is essential.

In this video, ReelSEO interviews Kevin Nalty, comedian and viral video expert, who delivers great insight into using video tags on Youtube. I found it to be quite helpful, hope you do as well.

YouTube Preview Image

View the original post on ReelSEO:
Optimizing YouTube Tags

What do you think? Comment below, thanks.

Check out Kevin’s funny videos HERE: Kevin “Nalts” Nalty: the YouTube Viral Video Genius and prankster.


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Tuesday Tips: How to Get your Ideas to Spread – Seth Godin, TEDTalks

One of my biggest challenges in this life is taking ideas that I have and then transferring them from my thoughts into reality. Do you struggle with this? Seth Godin is a visionary thinker and communicator. I hope you enjoy this video. What does it spark in you?
Please comment below. Thanks!

Quote from

In a world of too many options and too little time, our obvious choice is to just ignore the ordinary stuff. Marketing guru Seth Godin spells out why, when it comes to getting our attention, bad or bizarre ideas are more successful than boring ones.
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Visit: Seth Godin, best selling author online

Each Tuesday I will be highlighting a video that I find useful for freelancers and the self employed. If you have a suggestion for a video to showcase, please comment below. Thanks for tuning in… Read more…

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Strategic Social: DFW Rocks Social Media Day – Part 2

DFW Rocks Social Media Day Recap Part 2: I don’t get to attend many conferences due to travel and work commitments. And the curmudgeon in me is leery of folks who claim great knowledge but then deliver next to nothing of value to me.
This wasn’t the case with DFW Rocks Social Media Day 2013. I went and was glad I did. The speakers were engaging and presented current, useful information.
THANKS to Lissa Duty for hosting DFW Rocks Social Media yearly. Lissa is a Social Media Marketing Strategist, Coach and Trainer in Dallas.”

Last week I posted part 1 of my recap of this event. Read it here:
Strategic Social for Freelancers: DFW Rocks Part 1 – Facebook, Sales and Google+

Visit the event site: DFW Rocks Social Media

Click links in the tweets embedded in this post to read overview of each topic covered, good insight on SEO and social media for all.
Read more…

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Social Media Strategy: Be Real

Social Media Strategy: Be Real

This is a guest post by my social media – music world friend Stan Stewart. Yes, we are friends, although we’ve never met in person – it’s the power of social networking, at work… More about Stan following this article. Thanks for tuning in – Trace

If you want to, you can read dozens of how-to posts about how you should run your social media campaigns. They are everywhere these days. And it’s a great idea to find out as much as you can about whatever social networks you’ve selected for your brand or personal use. But this post is about something much more simple for each of us: being the real you. Read more…

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Top 7 Posts: Balancing Creativity, Business and Social Media

As a writer, photographer and Internet geek, it’s always thought provoking for me to look at Google Analytics on this site. Each week, this tool reveals which posts have gotten the most traffic, causing me to think about the content, and which topics are resonating with readers.

all about these things....

all about these things….

My life as a freelancer in video production, music and marketing is a constant balancing act, between time spent on speculative creative projects, paying clients, social media interaction and evaluating new technologies. I enjoy all of it, but it can get overwhelming to the psyche. That’s why I write about these topics, it helps me to further explore, understand and interact with others who also face similar challenges in life.

I also like to laugh (it’s important!), so I am glad to see #4 “Church Ladies with Typewriters” made the list…

Here’s the list (with links) of the Top 7 Posts from The Social Freelancer ™ blog this week:
(click on titles to read full posts, please share…)

1. Three Reasons to “Like” Twitter over Facebook

2. The Creative Quandry: When Finances Battle Art

3. Review: Exploring Storify, cool new content creation tool

4. Funny! Church Ladies with Typewriters

5. Four Tips for Surviving Social Media

6. Reaching Out: Why Good Content is Not Enough

7. The allure of a Texas River… Photography and Music

Which is your favorite? Why?
Please comment below this post. Thanks for tuning in! ~ Trace
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