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Freeform Music Video: Mystery Guitar Man Plays a CAR (no kidding)

So cool: 699 Edits, 12 PVC pipes, 1 Ford Fiesta = MUSIC! If you haven’t seen any videos from Joe Penna AKA “Mystery Guitar Man”, prepare yourself to be amused and amazed. This guy has built a massive audience on Youtube by doing short, innovative and entertaining videos weekly. I like his style! In this one, he literally plays a CAR.

YouTube Preview Image

MORE: Mystery Guitar Man on Youtube

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Tuesday Tips: How to beat stage fright – Joe Kowan: TedTalks

Think you are scared getting up in front of people to speak, sing or perform? Singer – Songwriter Joe Kowan was petrified. He overcame his fear in a unique, musical way. This excellent TEDTalk is a lesson in perseverance and creativity, turning a weakness into strength.

Watch this! Joe delivers a laugh, an inspiring story about dealing with fear, and a funny folk tune, “The Stage Fright Song.”
YouTube Preview Image

View the original post on TED: Joe Kowan: How I beat stage fright #TED

Get to know Joe! Here: – Joe Kowan

“By having a song that explained what was happening to me, while it was happening, that gave the audience permission to think about it. They didn’t have to feel bad for me because I was nervous, they could experience that with me and we were all one big, happy, nervous, uncomfortable family” – Joe Kowan, about “The Stage Fright Song”

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My mantras:
“Focus on What You Can Do, Not what you CAN’T”
“You are what you DO, Not what you SAY”
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Freeform Wednesday Music: Beth Hart performing “Over You”

Beth Hart, soulful vocalist: what a voice! I first heard Beth Hart on her collaborations with Joe Bonamassa. Astounding. Here she is on piano and a searing vocal performance with “Over You”. I hope you enjoy and share. Thanks!

YouTube Preview Image

Visit: Beth Hart official site

What is Freeform Wednesday?
Each week I post tips for freelancers and the self employed on Tuesday (Tuesday Tips) and, on Wednesdays, something that I find entertaining, beautiful, funny or engaging in some way (Freeform Wednesday). I hope you enjoy these posts and I appreciate your visits to this site, and comments on the blog posts.

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Stories Behind the Song: I Live the Life I Love – Trace Relations

Trace Ready "The Social Freelancer"

Trace Ready “The Social Freelancer”

Trace Ready is a Director of Photography, Writer, Producer and Vocalist based in Dallas, Texas. His band Trace Relations has released their debut studio CD “Prosperity Street”
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Great Internet Radio! Jammin’ Jango over Pandora

I’ve been a Pandora radio listener for more than a decade. I loved it and told others about the streaming music service often. They pioneered the idea of streaming songs based on listener choices for songs and artists to play. Today, there are many choices for streaming music online. Pandora and Spotify are arguably the biggest names in the market for capturing listeners but I have largely abandoned these in favor of Jango.
Try it! Yes, it’s free to listen. HERE: JANGO RADIO

Jango / Radio Airplay

Jango / Radio Airplay

Jango, a service of Radio Airplay gives a clear path for indie artists to get their music heard, in a stream that is attractive to the casual listener.

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Reality Check: You are what you DO, not what you SAY

Here’s the simple truth about the development of creative or ambitious projects: People don’t pay much attention to what you say, all that matters is What You DO. I wrote this post originally as a follow up to this one: Focus on What You CAN Do, Not What You CAN’T, and since then the message has been pounded into my head again and again by personal experience.

Less talk, more action is what we would most like to see from many people in public and in our personal lives.

Lauren's Flowers, Photo by Tracy Ready

Want to be a writer?
Start writing.
Want to be a painter?
Start painting.
Want to be a photographer?
Start Shooting

Now you are one.
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