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3 Excellent Online Resources for Indie Musicians

Running a full marketing campaign for your band can get pretty expensive. Luckily, there are many online tools that are equipped to help D-I-Y musicians promote their music with minimal budget. Below are three of the most popular websites that indie musicians from all over the world are using to their advantage, with measurable results.

“Of course, for any venture to become successful, it takes WORK, consistent effort over time. If you don’t believe in your music enough to devote time to promote it, it is unlikely that you will attract many fans, or offers of collaboration.” – Trace
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You Are What You DO, Not What You SAY.
What online resources for indie musicians would you recommend?
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Thanks for tuning in ~ Trace


With millions of people using YouTube everyday, not having your music uploaded there is a huge loss for your band. Read more…

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Trace Relations Music: Texas Groove to Improve Your Mood

Looking at the songs chosen for the debut CD from Trace Relations “Prosperity Street”, a theme emerges: Acceptance. In one way or another each song relates to accepting where we are in life, and a determination to have a good time in spite of obstacles the world has thrown our way.

Trace Relations is all of vocalist Trace Ready’s musical relations. A unique listening experience, “Prosperity Street” takes the listener on a Texas Blues Rock and Americana journey, front to back. It’s a tribute to artists and songs that influenced Trace and a showcase for many great musicians he’s had the privilege of knowing over the years.

The music, cover art and photography also reflect Trace’s transient lifestyle, having spent the past 25 years going back and forth from Dallas to San Antonio, personally and musically. The songs draw on influences from these two iconic cities and the miles of road in between.

“Prosperity Street” features seven original songs and five very distinctive cover tunes.

Get the Music! -> Trace Relations “Prosperity Street” CD < -
Read more…

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Your CD is “not my cup of tea.” That’s OK! Indie Music Insight

Recently, a blues “purist” who I like and respect said (apologetically) about our debut CD release “Prosperity Street”:
“It’s just not my cup of tea.”

Great! It’s honest, and that’s cool.
Creative projects such as music, painting, film, photography, sculpture, etcetera are best, in my opinion, when they are true to themselves. That’s all I tried to do with the record and feel its an accurate representation, musically, of who I am.

Read on and check out the MUSIC, maybe it’s your “cup of tea”!>>> Read more…

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Video Grooves from the corner of “Prosperity Street”: Trace Relations Music

New track added! “Tell Me What’s the Reason” by Trace Relations with special guest, Dallas’ blues maestro Hash Brown Calway.

This Youtube playlist streams four music videos from the debut release “Prosperity Street” from Trace Relations Band. A smokin’ Dallas based rhythm section combines with soulful guitar from San Antonio, ending up in Texas Blues, and Americana groove territory. Vocalist Tracy Ready funnels 20+ years of bouncing between these two iconic Texas cities, personally and musically into an eclectic debut release, guaranteed to improve your mood.

Click “play” arrow here to see all 4 videos, back to back, with a :10 second introduction. Read more…

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Twitter vs Facebook Tops the List: Social Freelancer Top 5 Posts of 2012

Happy New Year! Cheers to you for being supportive of my writing journey on this blog.

Happy New Year! Only up from here... Photo by: Trace

Happy New Year! Only up from here… Photo by: Trace

Google Analytics is a wonderful thing for a writer. I love having this tool on the blog. Analytics shows me what posts are getting the most traffic, and geographic data about where the visitors are coming from.
Reaching the globe, 1 post at a time...

Reaching the globe, 1 post at a time…

A common thread in the year end results reveals a few things for me:
1. People struggle with differences in Twitter and Facebook and in understanding how they can be used in achieving business goals.
2. I am not alone in my struggles as a self employed individual trying to pursue artistic and creative projects while maintaining a business to keep the bills paid.
3. When I connect well with my own personal frustrations and am able to transform my own experiences into constructive posts, readers respond in greater numbers.
READ THE TOP 5>>> Read more…

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