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Visualizing My Bucket List: 5 Places I Must See Before I Kick It

Tracy Ready

“Visualization” is such a trendy word. If I start this post using it you’ll think I am some sort of crystal wearing, tree hugging nut but here goes:
I love to visualize where I might go, what I might do in the future. It helps me keep the present on the right track and gives me goals that I can see in my mind. I relax when I visualize.

“Work hard,” I tell myself and believe that I can achieve many things if I take many small steps. I have tried taking big ones too soon, only to stumble and fall. So that’s what I do, I look for small steps every day to take me towards my goals. Meanwhile I “visualize” places I’d like to see before I leave this earth.

What places do you dream of going to someday? I’d like to hear about them. Here’s my Top 5:
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