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Great Internet Radio! Jammin’ Jango over Pandora

I’ve been a Pandora radio listener for more than a decade. I loved it and told others about the streaming music service often. They pioneered the idea of streaming songs based on listener choices for songs and artists to play. Today, there are many choices for streaming music online. Pandora and Spotify are arguably the biggest names in the market for capturing listeners but I have largely abandoned these in favor of Jango.
Try it! Yes, it’s free to listen. HERE: JANGO RADIO

Jango / Radio Airplay

Jango / Radio Airplay

Jango, a service of Radio Airplay gives a clear path for indie artists to get their music heard, in a stream that is attractive to the casual listener.

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Music Just Got Louder in Social Media! Pandora and Spotify Step Up

Being a lover of music in the modern age has taken me (sometimes kicking and screaming) to searching out great tunes online. My vinyl record collection still sits on the shelf, don’t even have a turntable that works (but still have over 800 LPs).

More and more of my time is spent at a computer, so I am a sucker for any service that makes it easy for me to listen to and share music that I love. Read more…

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How I Use Music to Drive Social Media

Music lets people know who you are

I love music. Period. I have surrounded my life with music and connect with it on many levels, daily. Now I have discovered ways to use music to feed social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube.

In this video I describe how I listen to music (something I would be doing anyway) and grow my social networks all while doing “actual” work in my office. I hope you find it helpful. If so (or if not) would you please post comments below or post this to your Facebook page?…or both? That would rock me. Thanks.

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