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Road Trippin’ the South this Summer, Come along?

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”
- Martin Buber, Philosopher (1878 – 1965)

My wife Lauren and I love a road trip. It suits us. I have flown thousands of miles in my career, and much prefer driving the back roads than sitting in an airport, any day. She is in total agreement. We enjoy the time together, stopping where we want, when we want; the adventure of being on the road, with only a brief outline of the trip planned.

We like photography, local history, small towns, back roads, nature, good food, live music and quirky roadside attractions; the more unexpected, the better.

hittin' the road...

hittin’ the road…

This summer we’ll be headed through Texarkana, Texas, then east through Arkansas and Tennessee to the Blue Ridge Parkway and Asheville, North Carolina. Coming home, we’ll take a southern swing back to Texas through Mississippi and Louisiana.

The truth is, we have no idea what we’ll find along the way, only that we plan to enjoy every moment.

Come along? We’ll be posting photos to Twitter and Instagram throughout the road trip. We welcome suggestions for places we might like to visit.
Thanks for tuning in… Trace

Updates and Images from our road trip through the South:

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First video from the series: Vanishing Texas Photography
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Support: Vanishing Texas Photography – Gofundme
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The Thing About Obstacles: We can’t make them go away…

The thing about obstacles is that they will always be there. Sometimes the obstacle is something lurking in the shadows, sometimes they are smack in front of you in a glaring light. No matter how much money we make or power we gain, for most of us, there is a desire for something “more” or something “new.” As long as that desire exists, there will be someone or something in the way, an obstacle to achievement.

Whether you want a greater understanding of God, a new car or just a new pair of shoes, there’s always an obstacle.

Uh oh... small problem... photo courtesy

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Why Getaways are Good: East Texas Road Trip

Recently, on the spur of the moment, my wife Lauren and I decided to take a one day road trip… somewhere. We do this occasionally (I would say not often enough) for some very simple reasons:

Why the Getaway?

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