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“Vanishing Texas” Photography and Jazz: Finding Beauty in Decay

Old abandoned buildings. Rusty stuff. Forgotten roads. Burned out roofs. As a photographer, I’ve been drawn to places of past dreams, forgotten ambitions, lives lived and gone. When I see them I think of what may have transpired there. And I find beauty in the decay.
Vanishing Texas:
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The unprotected scene
There are plenty of buildings designated as “Historic Sites” by the state of Texas, that are preserved and protected from demolition. What intrigues me are the OTHERS. In small towns and in the cities, there are thousands of other buildings, that may not have any protection. They are pieces of America left to be weathered by the elements, eventually to be destroyed or simply disintegrate. These are the places that are vanishing from the landscape, slowly, over time. Whenever I pass them, I think “Who lived (or died) here?” “What dreams and aspirations did they have?” “What drama unfolded here?” And I know that the next time I pass by, these spots may no longer exist. These are the scenes of “Vanishing Texas”. Read more…

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Press Release: Trace Relations Debut on “Prosperity Street”

June 22, 2011 – Trace Relations Debut – For Immediate Release

In today’s San Antonio Express-News, Music Writer Jim Beal wrote this story about the project > The Music Beat: “Prosperity Street” beckons

A project 12 years in the making, Trace Relations sets to release their debut studio CD “Prosperity Street” on November 2, 2011.

Trace Relations - The Band

Debut tracks “Prosperity Street” (with music video) plus a Trace Relations original “Open Mind, Open Eye” were released June 15, 2011 and are available now at> Trace Relations official site.

The song “Prosperity Street” and the video feature the band and special guests Augie Meyers and San Antonio’s famed West Side Horns.

SEE VIDEO “Prosperity Street”, READ ON, GROOVE ON… Read more…

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Classic Augie Meyers Song Unearthed in Trace Relations Debut Single

“Sittin’ on the corner of Prosperity Street, wonderin’ where my next meal’s coming from, Yesterday I was rakin’ in the coin, today I’m just a poor old bum.” – Augie Meyers, from “Prosperity Street”

A lyric so timely for the economic conditions of 2011, who would guess it was written in 1975?

Trace Relations debut with their arrangement of “Prosperity Street” with special guests Augie Meyers and The West Side Horns:
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This track available for download now > Trace Relations Official Site

About Prosperity Street
READ ON, GROOVE ON>>> Read more…

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