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New Name for Google+? GoogleBust. Interaction? Zilch.

It amazes me, how mega-conglomerate Google can miss the boat entirely! News flash on Google+: People do not want another social network. They want tools to make it easier to interact on the ones they currently use: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube. This seems simple to me: In life, people “hang out” where it feels familiar, where their friends are.

When was the last time you posted to Google+ or even looked at your feed there?
Can’t remember? Me either.

A great bar needs PEOPLE to come in and STAY

Much like a neighborhood bar, it takes time to grow a loyal crowd. But once they are in the door on a regular basis, it’s hard to get folks to patronize another spot, even if it’s “better”. The local bars where my friends hang out are Facebook, Twitter and Youtube – period, end of story. It took years for these platforms to gain a substantial “active user” status, Google+ is a johnny-come-lately kind of affair.

Google+ or GoogleBust?

Disagree? GOOD. Please comment below!

Does this mean that Google+ is a total waste of time? Read more…

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