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Confessions of an Instagram Junkie. Why I love “In the moment” photography

I admit it. I am an Instagram junkie. Why? Because it’s “in the moment” photography, quite different from my career in television and video production, which is all about having a plan (and a budget) for production that achieves a specific goal for the client. Instagram is about seeing something interesting and being able to capture and share it quickly.
Instagram is fun for me because it encourages spontaneity of thought in composition and speedy interaction with others about your image. All of the images in this post were created with very little forethought. The ability to apply a filter, enhance the image and post it to your network all within five minutes of having the first idea of the image frees up my creative energy. I hope you enjoy these photos, I enjoy snapping them… Follow me -> Instagram: tracetvfilm

Stoned? This planter sits next to my chair on our back patio. One morning I just decided it would make a nice frame. Art? I don’t know, you decide.

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New Name for Google+? GoogleBust. Interaction? Zilch.

It amazes me, how mega-conglomerate Google can miss the boat entirely! News flash on Google+: People do not want another social network. They want tools to make it easier to interact on the ones they currently use: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube. This seems simple to me: In life, people “hang out” where it feels familiar, where their friends are.

When was the last time you posted to Google+ or even looked at your feed there?
Can’t remember? Me either.

A great bar needs PEOPLE to come in and STAY

Much like a neighborhood bar, it takes time to grow a loyal crowd. But once they are in the door on a regular basis, it’s hard to get folks to patronize another spot, even if it’s “better”. The local bars where my friends hang out are Facebook, Twitter and Youtube – period, end of story. It took years for these platforms to gain a substantial “active user” status, Google+ is a johnny-come-lately kind of affair.

Google+ or GoogleBust?

Disagree? GOOD. Please comment below!

Does this mean that Google+ is a total waste of time? Read more…

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