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What’s this? New Site for Trace Productions: Will you “kick the tires”?

As a self-employed, sole proprietor business owner, your website is your BRAND, your public face to the world.
Designing a site, or updating (in my case) is an important undertaking and one that I have found to be daunting. I kept looking at the primary site for my production business, Trace Productions, feeling embarrassed that much of the content had not been updated in 10 years or more. In that time, I have added new skills and services (media consultation, social media management) to my client offerings.

Stoked about the new site!

Stoked about the new site!

What do you think of this? New Site! Click here: media. marketing. images with imagination.

Self examination: a good thing. Read more…

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Dallas Sound Legend Skip Frazee to Be Honored at TAF/TP Holiday Party

Dallas based freelance Audio Engineer Skip Frazee will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Texas Association of Film and Tape Professionals (TAF/TP) Holiday Party, Friday, November 30th. Frazee is known for his outstanding work for more than 35 years in countless films, documentaries, episodic TV shows and commercial productions. His professionalism on set as well as his

Audio Maestro Skip Frazee

charming wit and camaraderie with cast and crew alike have made Frazee a favorite for producers and directors from all over the world.
Visit Skip Frazee’ Site ->

It is shaping up to be a great evening, celebrating Skip Frazee’s career and the rebirth of the TAF/TP, a non profit organization that has weathered a terrible blow, an embezzlement of funds, which is being criminally investigated, that threatened this important organization with extinction.

Where’s the Party? What does Skip have to say? What happened with this organization? What is the future of TAF/TP? – READ ON Read more…

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Let’s Stick Together: Share to Become 1 of “My Top 5 Socially Smart Indie Musicians”

Let’s face it. Nothing is easy, especially trying to promote original music in a world of shrinking budgets, a stagnant live music scene and the proliferation of free online music sources. If you are trying to make music, record it and get people to listen, it’s clear you have to work a whole bunch of channels (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc…) to make anything happen.

Vocalist Tracy Ready, Photo by Rick Moore

I am in the same boat with my band, Trace Relations ™ and our debut CD release. If you are an independent artist or band, I have a proposition for you that I think is a win-win.
If this sounds good to you, join in. If not, that’s cool too, thanks for dropping by. I hope you’ll take a moment to listen to some Trace Relations ™ music, and tell me what you think of the project.


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Social Media Simple – 3 Videos

Having worked in “traditional” media (television) for more than 20 years, I have been astounded at the growth of social media and it’s impact on how we do business as freelance media professionals. It’s also apparent to me that many of my colleagues in television and music production are not taking part in this revolution, often because of a lack of understanding of how it all works.

Social media is about people sharing information and learning from each other, not directly pitching products.

READ ON and see 3 concise videos that lay out the basic concepts. >>> Read more…

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My Top Five Teachers ~ The Social Freelancer Speaks Out

What I Have Learned
A sound business strategy in today’s market should be a mix of “traditional” media, done sensibly and “new” media. There are more ways to economically promote your business than ever before IF you have the knowledge and experience necessary to use both old media (television, radio, print) and new media (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.) to your best advantage.

Who I Am Learning From
It’s astounding, the amount of good information in this “new media” age available for free online for anyone who cares to seek it out. There are many sources out there; I want to share my favorite five with you.
READ ON and visit the Top 5 >>> Read more…

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