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Stock Footage Demo Features New Music From Trace Relations

It’s been a long time comin’… – David Crosby

Trace Relations - The Band, logo design by Clay Meyers, cdmgrafx

While I keep The Social Freelancer ™ updated on a variety of topics related to Music, Media, TV and Film, 99% of them NOT a self promotion, I hope you’ll indulge me here for 2 minutes (!) to show off a bit. This video is a new demo of our HD stock footage offerings from, edited to a short instrumental track from my band project Trace Relations ™. The song is an advance track from our upcoming debut studio CD release.
Check out the video and the MUSIC>> Read more…

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Why What’s OLD is NEW in Social Media

Keep the “Social” in Social Media
SIX MORE Posts and CONTACT Trace >> Read more…

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Why Getaways are Good: East Texas Road Trip

Recently, on the spur of the moment, my wife Lauren and I decided to take a one day road trip… somewhere. We do this occasionally (I would say not often enough) for some very simple reasons:

Why the Getaway?

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New Day, New Blog

“Skating away on the thin ice of the new day…” – Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull

Greetings Friends,
I have been working for some time to upgrade our blog site. Now I am excited to launch: TraceTV – Film – Music – Social Media at I hope you’ll visit soon.
At the start up, I am re-posting some of the most popular items from our previous blog, and I invite you to take a spin around the site, kick the tires and give me some feedback. It is definitely a work in progress.
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What’s Swimming In Your Aquarium?

Originally posted on Feb. 16, 2009: The Aquarium Concept
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This dude has one awesome “real” aquarium >>

YouTube Preview Image

The Aquarium Concept.

Pretty sight, isn’t it? It’s not mine, in fact, I have never had success taking care of tropical fish. It’s just not my “thing”, even though I enjoy scenes like this. I do have an “aquarium” of sorts, but it has no glass, rock or water, only thoughts and dreams. My aquarium was a total mess for a long time, until I came to terms with this:

In order for things to flourish, they must have a good environment. This goes for people and fish and ideas too. You can have an aquarium, with some beautiful young fish but if you don’t take care of them (as I found out at age 10) soon algae grows in the tank, the fish start looking sickly, and then die off. Sounds simple, and it is, but looking at your life and your goals this way takes a little practice. It’s the same with ideas, projects, art, poetry, music, film, video, job search, family relations; whatever the passion, the aquarium concept holds true.
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