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Quotes that Resonate from The Social Freelancer

I have found when things are working well in my writing process, a catch phrase or sentence will emerge that resonates well with the reader. Generally these are not thoughts that I had when I sat down to write. They come out organically, as I am thinking through and working on the piece at hand.

Is anyone listening?

For me, writing is about reaching a comfortable “stream of conciousness” where my brain is active and flowing with ideas, but not so fast that my typing hands can’t keep up.

This is not easy to attain in my experience, but sometimes, thankfully, it happens. The quotes listed below originated in such moments.

When I see something I wrote shared on Facebook or Twitter, it helps my writer psyche. It gives me insight into the moments when my writing was smooth, not just clunking along as is so often the case. It lets me know that I am connecting with someone. Someone thought enough of what I wrote to share it with their friends. It helps me to trust the feeling that I get when things really start to flow and not quit and walk away as I sometimes do when I am feeling like no one cares.

Quotes from The Social Freelancer ™:

YES, you are invited to share, but please include credit of my @TraceTV or @freelancesocial Twitter profiles.

HOW? On Twitter, use the RT (retweet), Reply and Follow buttons below each quote. On Facebook, copy and paste the quote text into your status update. Thanks!

Which of these quotes resonates with you? Please comment in the section provided at bottom of this post. I appreciate your feedback. ~ Trace

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5 Best Quote Sources on the Net

A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five.
– Groucho Marx

Two questions I get often:

1. Where do you get your quotes?
The short answer is: a lot of places… multiple sources that are easy to use. After a good deal of research and trial and error, here are the five best sites for quotes on the Internet (in my not so humble opinion!):


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Timing Check! When Is Your Twitter Time? Facebook?

This week I am evaluating the most effective times to engage with others using social media. Time Management is my #1 challenge in LIFE. I have seen positive results from interaction on Twitter and Facebook (more traffic to my sites, more productive relationships with friends, family and clients). The only question is when to interact. Read more…

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Social Media Simple – 3 Videos

Having worked in “traditional” media (television) for more than 20 years, I have been astounded at the growth of social media and it’s impact on how we do business as freelance media professionals. It’s also apparent to me that many of my colleagues in television and music production are not taking part in this revolution, often because of a lack of understanding of how it all works.

Social media is about people sharing information and learning from each other, not directly pitching products.

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South Texas Soul Documentary Features Legendary Texas Musician Augie Meyers

South Texas Soul: The San Antonio Sound – Augie Meyers, Doug Sahm and the history and influence of South Texas on popular music of today. Documentary filmmaker Tracy Ready examines the influence of German, Polish and Irish immigrants in South Texas on popular music styles including Country, Tejano, Blues and Rock and Roll, from a unique perspective.

YouTube Preview Image

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