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Four Tips for Surviving Social Media

What to do with Social Media? Be careful, but have fun… Here are four quick tips for surviving social media, hope you find it helpful.

1. Use common sense. Simple. Don’t put your home address anywhere on your websites, blogs, profiles, anywhere. I keep a business mailing address that is posted on my sites, but it’s no one’s business where I live.

2. Avoid personal attacks. Follow the age old advice “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” This is sometimes hard to do in life, and on the Internet, but it is vital to your social networking efforts. Having conversations online about things that you are passionate about is great for building your reputation, but watch your words! If you take issue with something someone has posted, respond with fact and supportable opinion, do not attack the person who posted it. Likewise, as soon as someone launches a personal attack against you, restate your qualified opinion on the subject, then let it go – disengage from the conversation. I have seen many instances of people getting involved in a “tit-for-tat” argument online that quickly dissolves into juvenile name-calling antics, resulting in all parties looking like fools.
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careful about the kooks

3. Remember, the Internet is full of kooks, but plenty of sensible people too. Sometimes its hard to tell who the kooks are at first, but watch what people write about on a regular basis, and soon their true colors come through.
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Reciprocate! A Simple Concept for Social Media

Simple stuff! If someone “likes” or “retweets” your postings on Facebook, Twitter, or any social media outlet, RETURN the FAVOR.

RECIPROCATE! It works. I wrote this post in 2011 and since then it has been one of the most shared articles from my blog. Hope you enjoy, and will leave a comment below. Is this helpful to you?

What makes you feel good? For most of us just being acknowledged for something we have done does the trick. When someone mentions me or posts one of my articles, it warms me up. One little mention lets me know I’m not just “spittin’ in the wind” with social media.

What’s the easiest way to thank someone? Reciprocate!
On Facebook or Twitter it’s easy to thank someone. Post an update and use the “@” symbol in front of their name. That becomes a link to their profile and (on Facebook) shows up on their wall or (on Twitter) shows up in their “mentions”. As soon as that person checks in with these services they will likely see that you have mentioned them or gave them credit for a compelling post.
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What’s cool about Twitter: 4 steps for growth

Here’s what’s cool about Twitter: It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used it or if you have slacked off for awhile. You are where you are. Take steps to move the ball forward. That’s it.

Twitter: @TraceTV @freelancesocial

Twitter: @TraceTV

4 Steps for Growth:
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REAL “Social” Media: My dinner with Mark Schaefer and Friends

“It’s all about the moments.” is a phrase I like to use frequently. It reminds me to settle in to the moment, appreciate good times when they happen, and stop worrying about the things that didn’t work out as I had planned (that list is endless!).
A couple of weeks ago, I had a moment to remember, the result of seemingly random actions online and in real life.

I don’t really “know” Mark Schaefer, but I have been a reader and fan of his excellent work at for a few years now. He has also kindly shared some of my posts from this blog on Twitter. For Christmas, my wife gave me a copy of Mark’s book on influence marketing “ROI – Return on Influence” which I read and enjoyed immensely.

(L-R) Tracy Ready, Mark Schaefer

(L-R) Tracy Ready, Mark Schaefer

Social media is all about sharing things that you find interesting with others, and giving support to people whose work you appreciate, so I did that a few times. I posted links to Mark’s book and commented on the content. I did this because I liked the book, not because I wanted to meet the author, but that’s what happened.
A tune for this post! Listen in, turn it up> “I Live the Life I Love”
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Reading Top Five Posts on Social Media from The Social Freelancer

Guilty! Every Monday I check Google Analytics to see which articles on this blog are receiving the most attention on the Net. You could call it an obsession, but this activity does serve a writing purpose. It’s a clue as to what articles are resonating most with readers, and isn’t that what writing is all about?
Today, February 4, 2013, these are the top five. I’ll be updating this post one year from now. It will be interesting to see what topics remain in high volume, and what new topics have emerged by then.

Blogging about these things...

Blogging about these things…

1. Three Reasons to “Like” Twitter over Facebook

2. Why You Should Schedule Tweets AND Engage. Yes. It Matters.

3. Is Social Media Killing the Email Reply?

4. The Beauty of Blogging and Twitter

5. Meet George Jetson! About the Future: What will you do?

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