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Reading Top Five Posts on Social Media from The Social Freelancer

Guilty! Every Monday I check Google Analytics to see which articles on this blog are receiving the most attention on the Net. You could call it an obsession, but this activity does serve a writing purpose. It’s a clue as to what articles are resonating most with readers, and isn’t that what writing is all about?
Today, February 4, 2013, these are the top five. I’ll be updating this post one year from now. It will be interesting to see what topics remain in high volume, and what new topics have emerged by then.

Blogging about these things...

Blogging about these things…

1. Three Reasons to “Like” Twitter over Facebook

2. Why You Should Schedule Tweets AND Engage. Yes. It Matters.

3. Is Social Media Killing the Email Reply?

4. The Beauty of Blogging and Twitter

5. Meet George Jetson! About the Future: What will you do?

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Twitter vs Facebook Tops the List: Social Freelancer Top 5 Posts of 2012

Happy New Year! Cheers to you for being supportive of my writing journey on this blog.

Happy New Year! Only up from here... Photo by: Trace

Happy New Year! Only up from here… Photo by: Trace

Google Analytics is a wonderful thing for a writer. I love having this tool on the blog. Analytics shows me what posts are getting the most traffic, and geographic data about where the visitors are coming from.
Reaching the globe, 1 post at a time...

Reaching the globe, 1 post at a time…

A common thread in the year end results reveals a few things for me:
1. People struggle with differences in Twitter and Facebook and in understanding how they can be used in achieving business goals.
2. I am not alone in my struggles as a self employed individual trying to pursue artistic and creative projects while maintaining a business to keep the bills paid.
3. When I connect well with my own personal frustrations and am able to transform my own experiences into constructive posts, readers respond in greater numbers.
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Three Reasons to “Like” Twitter over Facebook

Facebook is becoming tiresome, I feel this way and I’m not the only one. With all the political posturing, many people are ignoring Facebook altogether or spending less time interacting there. This is bad news for small businesses, entrepreneurs and musicians who are there to build client and fan bases. Yes, the election is over so the political furor will fade some on Facebook, but there other factors at play in Facebook frustration amongst users. Topping it off is the fact that casual Facebook users, once they take a break from Facebook, are unlikely to come back with as much interest as before.

Twitter: Great for Freelancers

Twitter: Great for Freelancers

Meanwhile, Twitter just keeps getting slowly stronger, with more engagement and a simplified attitude.

I am a Facebook junkie from way back, so you’ll likely always find me there to some degree. But Twitter is fast becoming my social media outlet of choice.

Think Twitter doesn’t matter, check this out and think again: Who Gives a Twit About Twitter? A LOT of Folks
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Social Media Smart Move: Be an Aggregator Not an Aggravator

What do the most successful, most “shared” websites today have in common?
AllTop, Mashable, TheNextWeb, TechCrunch; all are content aggregators. The concepts they use for online success are applicable tools for entrepreneurs and small business, for those who embrace this simple concept of social media:

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I found this cool article, here I re-posted it, check it out…” – Social Media in a nutshell.

That’s what the “big boys” of socially shared media do on a grand scale. Most of the core content was not created by their staffs. They find interesting articles, videos and technology from a myriad of sources and then repurpose them as articles on their sites. In turn, all of the original content creators get raised visibility and the aggregator (like Mashable) reaches audiences of ever expanding proportions. Not because they do this every once in a while, but because they do it ALL the TIME.
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New Facebook Group Connects Creative Freelancers

It’s a social media “no-no” to post links to your work on other people’s Facebook pages. So I have created a Facebook group with sharing our creative work with others as it’s primary purpose. CLICK HERE:
Freelance Media on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

Writers, producers, photographers, filmmakers, web designers, graphic artists, musicians, and related careers: You’re invited!

Post links to your work in this group, where freelancers and self employed stick together. I only ask that you don’t post links to the group more than twice a day, so no one is dominating the feed. No political ranting, no silly photos and sayings, just links to your profiles, youtube videos, websites, etc. Professionals only, please. Thanks, Trace ~ The Social Freelancer ™

Facebook: The Social Freelancer

Facebook: The Social Freelancer


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