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Why “Reruns” are GOOD: Quotes, Photos and Video Rule Social Media

People tell me they are not active on Facebook or Twitter because they “don’t have anything to say”.

They’re getting too hung up on always having NEW and original content. No one is truly original or makes “earth shattering” statements very often.

Why What’s Old is New with Social Media Read more…

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New Name for Google+? GoogleBust. Interaction? Zilch.

It amazes me, how mega-conglomerate Google can miss the boat entirely! News flash on Google+: People do not want another social network. They want tools to make it easier to interact on the ones they currently use: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube. This seems simple to me: In life, people “hang out” where it feels familiar, where their friends are.

When was the last time you posted to Google+ or even looked at your feed there?
Can’t remember? Me either.

A great bar needs PEOPLE to come in and STAY

Much like a neighborhood bar, it takes time to grow a loyal crowd. But once they are in the door on a regular basis, it’s hard to get folks to patronize another spot, even if it’s “better”. The local bars where my friends hang out are Facebook, Twitter and Youtube – period, end of story. It took years for these platforms to gain a substantial “active user” status, Google+ is a johnny-come-lately kind of affair.

Google+ or GoogleBust?

Disagree? GOOD. Please comment below!

Does this mean that Google+ is a total waste of time? Read more…

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How to “Socialize” Your Youtube Videos: Testing Inbound Now

Inbound Now has created an impressive tool that takes your Youtube videos and wraps them with subscription and sharing buttons for all the “biggies” of Social Media: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest and Buffer.

In my stumbles across the web, I am always on the lookout for tips and tools that may be helpful to freelancers in music and media (like myself) and other self-employed individuals. Today I found a very impressive site, seemingly loaded with useful tools called Inbound Now. This post is my first experiment using Inbound Now’s Social Media Optimized Youtube Player. I have no affiliation with Inbound Now, my thoughts here are my own.


First Impression: Very Cool. Easy to use. After about 15 minutes of experimentation, I was able to create Youtube players for this post, using two of our music videos from Trace Relations debut CD Release “Prosperity Street”.

Inbound Now: Socializing YouTube

Check these out, play the videos and give the buttons a test spin, if you please. Subscribe and share, much appreciated! Plus, I want to know how these players are actually performing beyond my own desktop. Please comment below. Thanks!

Read ON > Testing the Inbound Now Youtube Players here.

Prosperity Street – Title track of Trace Relations Debut CD: Mp3 and CD available now at Trace Relations ™ Music

Player created by Inbound Now – Social Media Tools.

See the rest of the review below this video> Read more…

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Why I Don’t Go Political with Social Media

Suffering from Facebook frustration due to a barrage of political negativity in my news feed, I posted this comment:
“No – I don’t do religion or politics on Facebook, my choice. So sue me. If you do like to post that stuff, that’s cool too, I don’t mind – but when it gets to be too much in my estimation, chances are I will be paying less attention to what you say on either side of the aisle. That’s my story, I’m stickin’ withit.”

Enough already!

This garnered more than 20 “likes”, many comments and some new subscribers to The Social Freelancer on Facebook.

I am not telling anyone what to do, or not do on Facebook, so chill out! I’m providing insight on how I (and many others) view Facebook, Twitter and other forms of Social Media. Emphasis on SOCIAL networking, where people are FRIENDLY, even if they disagree, like a little party we get invited to every day. More about that in this video post> Keep the “Social” in Social Media.

Notice the headline here is “Why I Don’t Go Political with Social Media” NOT “Why You Shouldn’t Post Political Tirades on Social Media”. Do what you want, it’s a free (well, maybe not so free…) country.

I enjoy respectful political discourse from time to time. People that post reasoned viewpoints on political topics OCCASIONALLY don’t annoy me at all. It is those who choose to give a non-stop stream of posts (3 or more a day) all directed against a politician, or a political party (either side!) that make me want to TUNE OUT. Based on the majority of comments I received to this status update, I am not alone.

Here are some of my responses to comments made on the Facebook status: Read more…

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Best of the Week in Social Media Vol. 6

Greetings friends, there are five great new posts from some of my favorite bloggers here, that I believe you will find helpful in the Social Media sphere. I had to take a bit of hiatus as “The Social Freelancer” while we focused on our music last week in Trace Relations “South Texas Soul” tour, but now I am back and catching up. Next week there’ll be a new original post; for now I hope you enjoy these selections.

It’s fun finding “the good stuff” online. With each post in this series, I am showcasing five articles from bloggers that I find to be insightful and uplifting in social media.

Do you have a blog you’d like to suggest for a future “showcase” post? Please let me know about it in the comments section below. Thanks for visiting The Social Freelancer ™

Please click on the red title of each selection to read the full post. I hope you will give these bloggers your support by sharing the posts on your social networks.

Ann Tran - Blogging with Kindness

Ann Tran - Blogging with Kindness

AnnTranClan Brings Social Media to Life! by Ann Tran
Ann’s blog is one that I enjoy reading each week as it is honest, straight forward and insightful. It is consistently well written, easy to understand and Ann is kind and generous in her approach to social media. She’s a positive thinker as shown in this post, helpful insight for daily living.

READ ON – 4 more great new posts, Best of the Week in Social Media… Read more…

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