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Fun to Share: My Favorite Christmas Music Videos

Time for some well seasoned greetings! Here’s a few of my personal favorite holiday videos, to share with your family and friends. We’ve certainly had our ups and downs (like every year) but have much to be grateful for this season. Hope you enjoy these, see you in 2015 ~ Trace

Merry Christmas Baby – The Genius of Ray Charles

Best trailer trash Christmas ever! Robert Earl Keen – Merry Christmas from the Family

Swing It! Diana Krall – Jingle Bells

Thanks for watching, have a very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year!


Remember Moments that Matter

Starting from a place of Humanity

Trace Ready "The Social Freelancer"

Trace Ready “The Social Freelancer”

Trace Ready is a Director of Photography, Writer, Producer and Vocalist based in Dallas, Texas. His band Trace Relations has released their debut studio CD “Prosperity Street”
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Tuesday Tips: How to use Youtube video tags effectively via ReelSEO

Tuesday Tips: How to use Youtube video tags effectively. Most people realize by now that since Youtube is owned by Google, posting videos to Youtube has obvious advantage in getting your content (whatever it is) to rank high in Google Search results. But just posting a video to youtube and hoping people will find it, and more importantly, WATCH it, is a losing proposition. With keywords tags, you are letting Google know what your video is about. Unless you only want to share a video via email to family and friends, and don’t care if anyone actually FINDS it through search on the Internet, intelligent use of tags is essential.

In this video, ReelSEO interviews Kevin Nalty, comedian and viral video expert, who delivers great insight into using video tags on Youtube. I found it to be quite helpful, hope you do as well.

YouTube Preview Image

View the original post on ReelSEO:
Optimizing YouTube Tags

What do you think? Comment below, thanks.

Check out Kevin’s funny videos HERE: Kevin “Nalts” Nalty: the YouTube Viral Video Genius and prankster.


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Tuesday Tips: Tell the World Something Important – Darren Rowse

Today’s Tuesday Tips is a short, sweet family story from Darren Rowse of Problogger that helped me take a step back and think about the value of the moment and what I’d like to accomplish as a writer, and as a human. Plus, I like listening to his Aussie accent! Good stuff here:

“Daddy, make sure you tell the world something important…” ~ Xavier Rowse
YouTube Preview Image

“The times where I have actually told the world something important, rather than something that I think might be profitable, they’re the times when things begin to take off for me.” – Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse @ProBlogger

Darren Rowse @ProBlogger

Darren Rowse has created an online presence that challenges, informs and inspires me. If you are a writer, blogger or aspiring entrepreneur, I encourage you to visit his blog for insight often, here:

Catch Darren’s excellent videos – Subscribe: Darren Rowse on YouTube

Follow Darren Rowse on Twitter: @ProBlogger

What do you think? Comment below, thanks.


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Freeform Music Video: Mystery Guitar Man Plays a CAR (no kidding)

So cool: 699 Edits, 12 PVC pipes, 1 Ford Fiesta = MUSIC! If you haven’t seen any videos from Joe Penna AKA “Mystery Guitar Man”, prepare yourself to be amused and amazed. This guy has built a massive audience on Youtube by doing short, innovative and entertaining videos weekly. I like his style! In this one, he literally plays a CAR.

YouTube Preview Image

MORE: Mystery Guitar Man on Youtube

What is Freeform Wednesday? Read more…

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Freeform Wednesday: Funny Indie Film Parody

Hilarious! Aren’t you tired of predictable, “feel good”, dramatic indie films? This trailer for “Not Another Sundance Movie” pokes fun at these goofy, sappy movies and their “wannabe” directors, yearning to bloom at Sundance.

Brought to you by TastesFunny on Youtube
YouTube Preview Image

My personal favorite quote from this one:
“Featuring a stirring performance by a young ethnic girl that’s guaranteed to be nominated for an Oscar, but not win, subsequently leading to her fall back into obscurity, hit rock bottom and show up on celebrity rehab after having a child at sixteen.”

Read the original post via Uproxx – @FilmDrunk:
Not Another Sundance Movie Indie Movie Parody

What is Freeform Wednesday? Read more…

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