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Why I Stopped Expecting My Friends to “Get It”

Got a great idea? A concept to change the world? Excellent, but here’s the deal: It means nothing unless you act upon it and bring it to the “real world”

A Tricky Life Lesson
I now understand that an idea, however great it is in my “mind’s eye”, means little to anyone else. It never will, until I do something about it.

Ideas are common, the execution of ideas is a rare commodity.

It’s all just talk, talk, talk until you can make it “real” in the world.

Years ago I identified several creative projects, including three documentary films and a CD release for the band Trace Relations ™, that I am committed to complete. I could see them clearly and started taking steps to make them “real” in the world.

PROSPERITY STREET CD Cover Art by Samuel Deats - All Rights Reserved

For a long time I felt bewildered, frustrated and sometimes angry when friends didn’t react much when I spoke of these ideas, my creative dreams. A few faithful friends were interested, but even some of my closest friends and family members would change the subject in conversation anytime I mentioned the projects. Admittedly that hurt, but I got over it. I quit talking about it and started WORKING on it all, a little bit at a time.

Now I realize that I react same way about a lot of what others talk about, because really that’s all it is – talk. There is no way anyone else will be able to visualize my ideas like I can, because they are mine, not theirs. It’s natural.

“A little bit is better than nada…” ~ Doug Sahm

Trace Relations (L-R) Kevin Lewis, Sparky Montoya, John Echols, Tracy Ready, Mike Beall

Only when I completed steps to produce evidence of my work (trailers to the films, music videos on Youtube) did these things start to become “real” to others.

I stopped expecting others to “get it” about what I do, until I had something to show. Even now with our CD project complete, it’s a slow go at getting anyone to listen or recognize achievement on the dreams.

Hear it! For your listening pleasure, click on the songs in the ReverbNation Player box in right hand column of this page>>

Some People Still Won’t “Get It”

Vocalist Tracy Ready, Photo by Rick Moore

Many people are not prone to accept that I am doing creative projects beyond the scope of what I do to make a living. Some are jealous that I choose to pursue my dreams, others simply don’t understand what these projects mean in my world. They think “oh that’s nice, he has a hobby” – guess what? That’s OK, because slowly, people are commenting on the music, sharing the songs online, and now we’ve had a little bit of radio play in selected markets. Slowly, it’s becoming “real” to more and more people. As soon as I quit expecting everyone to “get it” I was able to relax and just focus on the tasks at hand.

I am sure you can do the same with your projects, but I for one, would like to hear about them. What are you up to, creatively, beyond your “day job”? Please comment below.

Title Track from Trace Relations ™ Debut Release!
This was done over many years, with help from some very good friends. It took a long time, but here it is!

Press Release>> Indie Music, Texas Groove: Trace Relations Debut on Prosperity Street

Trace Ready "The Social Freelancer"

Trace Ready “The Social Freelancer”

Trace Ready is a Director of Photography, Writer, Producer and Vocalist based in Dallas, Texas. His band Trace Relations has released their debut studio CD “Prosperity Street”
Connect with Trace:

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Vanishing Texas Photography by Trace
Supporters receive my undying gratitude and a free copy of my music CD, “Prosperity Street” by Trace Relations Band

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24 Responses to “Why I Stopped Expecting My Friends to “Get It””

  1. stan stewart says:

    Well put (as usual), Tracy. I really get the part about making it real (both for myself and my supporters). That truly is the challenge of creativity is to move it from idea to tangibility.

    Since we share the musical creative avenue, I think I can understand the vulnerability that can be there when we’re sharing our “gift” with other people. Even in these tender moments, I am trying to learn to be open to what they have to say (even if it’s the cold shoulder/change the subject routine).

    When my friends don’t respond the way I want them to, I’ve started to out myself — tell them that I wanted their enthusiastic support — and ask them what they really think. I’ve often been surprised at how helpful this is to molding my creative output into something that’s even more rewarding: their input is almost always just what I needed to shift my thinking a bit or do a reality check that will allow me to create something even more beautiful (and sometimes more marketable).

    As always, YMMV. ;-)

    Playful blessings,
    Stan aka @muz4now

  2. Richard Royall says:

    I’m glad I got it!! My copy of Prosperity Street!!! I listened to it twice on my trip back home from you and Kevins gig with SA Blue Cats at the Olmos Bharmacy!! It was great seeing you there and it;s marvelous that you are realizing your dreams and aspirations that have taken a while to come to fruition!! As always, I wish you the best and keep on “groovin'” Some of us know the road “getting there” has been long and thanks for allowing us to share in the ride!!!

  3. Tracy Ready says:

    Hey Richard, thanks bud! You are a good friend, and one of very few who knew about this from the very beginning, and didn’t look at me like I was nuts! Glad you enjoyed the disc, hope you’ll tell others about it, and the site — every little bit of word of mouth helps immensely when it comes to indie music. I soooo appreciate you… and as Kevin would likely say, having you at the show last week was “blisteringly awesome”… talk to you again soon I hope, please let me know if you ever get to swing up this way, OK? cheers, T

  4. Tracy Ready says:

    Thanks Stan, glad you enjoyed the post.. I was thinking when I wrote it “Stan just might relate to this one…” and good point about getting honesty reality check from close friends, and being up front about it, and ready to absorb any feedback given. It all helps… Thanks for posting the comment here, and for the RT kindness on Twitter… you rule. T

  5. stan stewart says:

    P.S. In my first comment, I neglected to acknowledge your huge accomplishment in getting your CD (and the digital versions) out there. I really wish you MANY sales! You did a great job of pulling a fabulous crew together to create your dream and y’all did a great job of creating your sound.

  6. Rusty says:

    Neat article Tracy! Well, you are a visionary! Visionaries tend to lead lonely lives up to the day that they can finally give a glimpse to the rest of us of something tangible that we can see, touch, smell, feel or taste! Until that time, it is something that only you can see and for others, who if they lack faith, will not be able to believe until they see it!

    My wife and son are artistic in that way too. They can get an idea, and it takes painstaking hours, days, weeks and often months to get it to the point that I then say, hay, you’ve got something there! (Duh) I lack this personally, I work with emotion, it comes, I write and it is there, but the type of patience that you visionaries have tends to lack. I hope to get there.

    All this to say, hang in there buddy! The rest of us will catch on eventually, and when we do, all your work will finally get the appreciation it well deserves! Have a great week my friend!

    (Great stuff BTW!)

  7. Tracy Ready says:

    Wow, many thanks Rusty… don’t know about the “visionary” part, I just do what I do… and relish the moments when it seems like others like you understand what I am up to. I very much appreciate your kind feedback and insight.. cheers, Trace

  8. Tracy Ready says:

    Thanks Stan, hope you are enjoying the disc… Any comments about the songs, the CD, your reviews of it, kindly post to the band page on Facebook? Hope we can get together and play some songs together sometime… somewhere.. I really like the improvisational nature of your work, would love to try and create something on the spot with you sometime… many thanks pal, Trace

  9. […] I know it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, BUT THAT’S OK! Thanks for listening… groove on. I posted the above comment on the Trace Relations Band Facebook Page, then realized this ties nicely to last week’s post. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this one> Why I Stopped Expecting My Friends to “Get It” […]

  10. Huge grin…
    Sometimes you want the whole enchilada… Doug Sahn

    I’m truly enjoying your Prosperity Street CD! I listened to it yesterday and couldn’t help but feel the blending of old and new, humor and heartfelt. It was the perfect way to bless my new studio space.

    Bringing your dreams to fruition is a tremendous undertaking. You have had many dreams and much success. With your energy, hard work and enthusiasm, it is only a matter of time before you and they reach the audience you seek.

    Like Stan, I have had feedback that helped me hone my craft.

    I have also found that some of the most painful reactions have come from people who were not following their own dreams. It’s as though my journey reminded them of what they were not doing.

    I am also learning not to equate silence with disapproval. I have a ways to go on that one…

    I can relate to your journey on so many levels and I so appreciate your sharing your story here. It encourages me on my own path.

    Thanks Trace!

  11. Randy Combs says:

    Dead on, Tracy.

    Most people, not just family, glaze over when our natural enthusiasm for music leaks into conversation….whether we create or consume.

    Always felt most people can’t get beyond “what is it?” If a piece of music…painting…whatever doesn’t fall into a easily identifiable box, it gets dismissed. Frankly, most people don’t care…and you can’t convert them.

    Think about their world…and you’ll probably hear them listening to the same ol’ stuff they did 30 years ago. Radio station program directors know something about human nature…people like what they know….and seek out safe things which blend into the background…continuity in a crazy, constantly changing world.

    And for most, “Elvis Es Mi Gato”, isn’t part of that continuity (great frickin’ tune).

    With that being said…you keep working…and if at the end of the day…you reach one person…and put a smile on their face…a swing in their step…or your words on their lips…consider yourself a success. Wash – rinse – repeat.

  12. Tracy Ready says:

    Many thanks for commenting Randy… ‘preciate cha. Glad you enjoy the tune… we had a blast and yes that is what really matters, because as as T-Bone Walker said “Have fun while you can ’cause fate’s an awful thing…”
    I really appreciate your interest in the music and friendship online… and hey how about that compilation thing? I am thinking our song Turning Blue could work for your idea…

  13. […] Posts: RT please? That would thrill me… (click title to read full article) Why I Quit Expecting My Friends to “Get it” 5 Low Cost Ways to Support Your Indie Musician, Artist and Filmmaker […]

  14. Blake Windham says:

    I enjoyed the CD and the most impressive thing to me is that you didn’t spend all your time “crowdfunding” or begging others for money to produce and distribute your dream. You went out with what resources you had, and the help of good friends and made it happen. Way to go, Tracy! That’s something to hang your hat on and your should be proud

  15. Blake Windham says:

    I enjoyed the CD and the most impressive thing to me is that you didn’t spend all your time “crowdfunding” or begging others for money to produce and distribute your dream. You went out with what resources you had, and the help of good friends and made it happen. Way to go, Tracy! That’s something to hang your hat on and you should be proud

  16. Tracy Ready says:

    Thanks so much for your kind comments Blake, it means a lot to me. Hope we can work together again soon… Trace

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